Wednesday, May 27, 2009

something's bothering our zac

just look at him..

how miserable he was in these pics, don't u think so??
these were taken on sunday afternoon in santa monica
i feel like getting myself into his lap and let him shed tears onto my shoulders..

credits to perez hilton for the story and pics

saje random : i heard rumors that he's breaking up with vanessa that true? can someone clear it up for me?

Jun Pyo chibi Yi Jeong chibi

current mood :indescribable.gif indescribable..

current song : let me sign -robert pattinson( Twilight OST)


tiha. said...

no way!!!
they can't be!
are so perfect together lol

faradeeba said...

tiha : yes, they WERE.
pity him, though

tiha. said...

who ask for a call of??

faradeeba said...

tiha : no idea..seriously..
heard the rumors from morning crew

Anonymous said...

ciknad pun suka lagu lucky?
bestla lagu tu... hehe...

faradeeba said...

amir : aah.saye pon ske lagu tuh sbnanye..


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