Saturday, December 5, 2009

my new moon review

i watched the highly anticipated new moon last monday with my lil bro.
we went there like soooo early (my mom got fed up of me babbling and bising
bout nanti sesak la, ramai sangat la bla3) so she sent us like 2 hours early from the
1st showtime(12pm)

cant blame me though..i didnt want to miss my cullen dear on cinema.
every single inch of him

well the truth is i am someone yang very excited.
tak kena tempat.

basically, when we arrived the cinema was not even opened yet.
so we took the time strolling around the mall, up till 11.45 am.

sampai2 trus bli tiket,popcorn,drinks and poof!
i RUSHED myself to the wayang.
with my bro of course ( i could swear to god that i almost
run! tak nak miss opening movie punya pasal.isk2)

and the review..
for me OKla cite die..
not really like what i expected.
well honestly for someone of team edward, the first half of the story
bored me, as it focused on jacob-bella relationship..
i've no hard feelings for jacob, it's just edward IS the attraction for me
in watching this twilight saga.

and my personal opinion, i think new moon also lacked of essence (orang melayu kata kurang OOmph)
in terms of romance (hehe ;p)
maybe it's bcos of the director( lelaki ni kureng jiwang sket) or
the plot of the novel itself(ok sue me! i havent even finished reading it)
as compared to twilight the film, i could seriously watch it over and over again
but for new moon, maybbe 2 or 3 times would be the limit..

the action scene especially between demetri or felix (can't recall their names) and edward was the best part of the film.
other scenes i enjoyed were 'jasper trying to attack bella', 'edward who memorized romeo's line' and yah, i likeee it edward said 'u go to hell.'

way to go man!

OVERALL : watchable, but i admit, kinda disappointing. still, i wont refuse if there's any chance to watch it at the cinema again.

current mood : tensen!xnak balik uia!

Friday, November 27, 2009


t's been awhile.
yeah lame tak update blog

malas n malas n malas
cos internet lembab satu, then
takde mende best nak update
apparently takde mende best pon kat uni ni
apsal aku anti sangat ngan u aku sendiri ntah..
but then, ske ati ah

skg ni mmg still ngah demam HEARTBEAT
from 2PM's latest album 1:59 pm
o god i seriously heart album ni
lagu diorg are very easy to the ears
few times listening then terus suke

taec, nichkun n junsu(esp with his new haircut) = <3
wooyoung pun comey sangat n i adore his vocal here
n emmm chansung pon nampk maken ncem la

ok now its NEW MOON talk!
like seriously pukul 12 tadi brit msged
me saying that she's watching new moon!
erkshh! midnite muvie and premiere kot!
jeles gile!
eeeii i cant wait to watch it myslef n altho
many reviews abroad saying that it was least than expected
tapi wa tak kesah
asal wa munya edward cullen sama itu jasper sama itu dr cullen ade
sulah cukop woo
hahahha farah perv!

ok then, tadi gak baru lepas skyped with tiha dearie
ooh miss her so mcuh
and what the hell she looks fairer and way prettier
kat beijing sne??
so unfair!hahahha
banyak tol ketidakadilan =D
cant wait for her to come home nxt yr
altho i wont be at home with her
and yeah, she bought manyak stuff dbsk
jae's special edition mirotic necklace
cincin dbsk, tumbler jaejoong, socks

erkksh i envy her sangat!

ok now we're talking bout MAMA
Mnet Asian Music Festival
congrats to 2PM for both best male group n artist of the year award
not to forget my dongbang oppas
for the Best Asian Star award
u guys totally deserve it and im sure all cassies feel the same way too
and it was indeed a heart breaker to see only jaechunsu up there
receiving the award
no sight of homin at all

and as always,jae never fails to touch a girl's heart(that would be me)

in his speech he said

'I don't know if they are watching this or not, but just in case they are, I would like to tell these two friends that I love them. Thank you'

those two friends were actually referred to yunho and changmin..ooh my..sangat terharu
membace speech hubby ni..isk2

i love u too oppa =D

saje random : i miss sume org time ni..

Thursday, September 17, 2009

this is specially for LALA

this blog has been left haunted for almost 2months.
cos i was freaking lazy and always not in the mood to update
but since makcik ku meminta, dan di sni ingin
i hiperbola kan kepada merayu(hehe =p) ku untuk update
blog and letak gamba kat sni.. how can i resist ?

tapi sgt takde gamba so letak 3 je la
jadi le kan lala?

after iftar 1st year pharmacy..the theme was green so apparently
brit tersesat sket..hehe..kidding. u were great brit.cun~~

kat pntai teluk cempedak. free tanning there( hate it acteli)

almost midnite.nite b4 ramadhan.makan2 kat mcd teluk cempedak..
love this pic the most! i want nobody2 but u!!

so that's all. raya tahun ni is the worst i think. its the first time the 5 of us r not gonna be together, since my sister is now in beijing...its sad, but i'm still happy though. cos i know i got to go there someday n we gonna goooo...(ikot white chicks) shopping!!

barang sane murah gile kot! mog novel new moon is only rm5!(10 yuan)..
manyak gile mnah sengal tu bli..perfume dkny, clinique set, mac makeup,
sephora!! manayk lagi la..

so wajib farah msti gi sane nanti..insyaAllah smge pjg umor,ade rezeki abah bleh bwk ..hehhe

eh bukan nak kate gi sendri gne duet sndri..isk..malu je



saje random: batin tuh ape sebenarnye? dalaman kan? so knape ade certeng org ckp
'maaf zahir je la.bukan ade salah batin pon' does he/she means that die xdek wat salah bkaitan hati dan perasaan(ttbe nk gne ayat skema) kat kite?

adekah itu?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

hidup di uni yang tak seperti dibayangkan

i've always heard people saying
that life in the university is so much fun
so much great
so laid back

but the one i'm having here is nothing like that.
not even close.

first of all, we pharmacy students here
need to learn ANATOMY.
which is the core subject for errrr??
medic students..
or does P.H.A.R.M.A.C.Y. actually spell medicine?

and fyi, here is the only university offering(which i do not welcome at all)
anatomy for pharmacy students.
i'm still not sure bout the universities abroad but well,
in msia, yes it is.

well, this is not just some stupid complaints i made.
just now, one of my course mates revealed her dissatisfaction
about our packed, hectic schedule to one of our lecturers..
she almost cried. well her mother did.
it's really something weird for me(for any of us i think)
that a pharmacy student is busier than a medic student.

but it is here.
our schedule is way hectic than the medic and dentistry students.
erkkkh... i;m still not used to it.
i admit, i did break down a few times here.
the environment, the people, the lectures,
the subjects...

i hate it!

we need to learn so many extra subjects which are not necessary
as a pharmacist
anatomy,arabic,bahasa melayu, islamic worldview(omg the 3-hour non stop
lecture is killing me!),tilawah,halaqah(need to memorize almathurat,hadis,surah bla3 in such short period)

o god! even now i feel like crying
i do not mind learning all that.
well most of it, but when it comes with all those anonymous terms, long surahs,
hadiths,almathurat,needed to be memorized in such short time..
well now that's a burden

especially for someone not from an islamic school background
like me..and a few others.

many times i tried to comfort myself
by saying ' takpe dapat pahala'
but each time, soon after that, i started breaking down.
what i need is time
and space

nothing can be forced rite..
now that i'm here,
in a islamic-based university,as a uni student,
as someone who have lost the very one golden opportunity before

i've kinda changed a bit
ive started focusing on lectures(altho there are those times that i just cant helped it)
ive started revising every nite(tak banyak pon sikit)
ive started bla3..(ade la mane bleh cite sume)

well i noe ive changed a bit(tak banyak mane)
but if my emotion is consistently unstable like this
i donno if i can keep up with all these
im just afraid i would turned out to be the same ignorant farah i
used to when i was in intec, the farah who has given up longgg before ssabsa..

and eventually, led her here.

and seriously, she hates it!
serves u rite.kalo tak u wont be here.


current mood: emo

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

adekah manusie tak fotogenik layak bergambar?

entri ini sangat random sebab dah lame sangat tak update blog picisan ni..

tak tahu manusia tak/kurang fotogenik lain tapi saya as one of them sangat benci dan meluat kalau nak tangkap gamba.serius.especially kalau ramai-ramai.i hate so,really much taking class pictures. it's not that i want to stand out of the rest but simply cos i hate the sight of someone named 'farah'..ahhahah

but of cos, as normal human being, i do not miss taking pics during important events or masa pergi mana2 ke, tapi usually end up gamba tuh tidak menepati citarasa pengguna diri sendiri so most of the time saya tak mcam orang lain yang akan tengok balik gamba tuh..very heechulish of me.

and of course lah, i also tak miss self-camwhoring.duhh..who doesnt?

seriously, can u stand the sight of thse pics??(tapi mestilah bila nak letak sini kita
ambil gambar yang rase agak tolerable kan..eventho still geli..that's another problem about being un-photogenic. u need to choose ur pics very carefully..errr.but well,am i careful enuff?)

muka atas ni geli tapi ni la kegembiraan m'bayangkan JAEJOONG oppa akhirnya mengaku
aku GIRLFRIENDnya di mata dunia ni..

kan best kalau dapat ambil gambar macam saudari INI. dia sangat cumel and cun

atau gambar bertudung cam saudari INI. comel melecun..

ni la dia sesi camwhore saya sebelum ke mid valley bersama 'SIFU' last friday. bilik ni temporary je cos akan pindah ke kuantan gak nanti so any sight yang tak menyelerakan tuh, abaikan la..heheh..well,any kind of ' -whoring' is so unpredictable right? same goes to this camwhore..ahaha..ala saja je before mandi tuh amek gamba busuk2 then nak compare ngan muka wangi tapi geli tersebut..ahaha.
korang pun mesti ade buat kan?kan?

i've read somewhere on how to improve care kita diambil gambar. ok, memang diri ini umpama ketam cuba ajar kawan-kwan ketam berjalan..tapi mari lah kita, geng-geng yang t'discriminated daripada diambil shoot yang meletopz, cuba praktikkan apa2 yang boleh.

saya pon ada cuba gak tapi hasil still tak nampak lagi..
*perseverance is the key to success*

1. praktis ambil gamba sebanyak mungkin. enough said la kan, practise makes perfect. kalo tak praktis selalu pakai eyeliner itam memang la selekeh/comot buat maths, mesti la teruk maths kan..*ingatan untuk dri sendiri juge. both maths and eyeliner-thingy*

2. kalau orang yang muka bulat(saye...) @ tembam(saye juge..) @ ade sedikit lemak di mukenye(saye lagiikkk...), biasakan ambil gamba dari posisi tepi, bukan dari depan.

3. sambungan dari no 2 juga, ambil gamba secara mendongak. so that jawline lebih menampakkan dirinya rather than that hideous double-chin..

4.yang ni jarang amat saya buat tapi letak je la.. kalo ambil gambar senyum, kadang-kadang kan nampak fake nye minah/mamat ni seyum kan..betul tak? well ur not blameable cos senyum juga adalah senaman yang menggerakkan otot di kawasan sewaktu dengannya. so kalo lama sangat tunggu sambil senyum lame2 muke pon penat(eei manje tol!) so senyum pun kurang manis.
- panjang nye intro- so nak pendek cite, mase dah nak flash camera tuh, korang cam pusing kepala ke belakang sikit then flash je pandang depan and senyum lah senyum lah ahai cik mek molek..

alang-lang dah cerita pasal ketidakfotogenikan rupa saya, sini ade satu kisah lucu tapi sedih yang baru je saya happened here in UIA,gombak.

saya ke pejabat nak bagi copy ielts certificate for english placement test exemption.k whatever la. then, sister yang in-charge situ tengok copy certificate tuh ,senyum-senyum lalu berkata "Farah ni dulu gemuk diet la ni" and well, she said it out pretty loud( her voice memang agak kuat) that i was quite sure everybody else in the office overheard it..

ni la gambar yang kat atas cert gamba lame acteli..2-3 tahun lepas
well diri sendiri memang rase gamba ni gemuk cos of the tudung i wore which somehow successfully enhaced my 'BOLABOLAPI-like' face and also bahagian bawah tudung tuh yang memberi effect langsir yang kita semua tahu tak kena-mengena ke atas orang yang berangka besar atau bulat cam saye.

so, that was a mistake. and i totally learn from it. jadi,mari kita mengadakan sesi muhasabah-gambar dengan selongkar almari bersawang/bernajis cicak atau hard disc yang sesak dengan foto lelaki idaman nota-nota kuliah, mecari gambar-gambar lama yang dirasakan huduh serta penuh nostalgia. untuk direnungi, didalami, diselami, diperbaik dan kemudian dibuang dalam tong sampah.


amaran: kepada student, muhasabah-gambar ni buat time cuti/lepak je ye. eleh cakap orang dia pon same la.

saje random: petang ni kol 5 ade taaruf lagi..

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Saturday, June 27, 2009


actually post ni takde lah maksudnya aku nak compare between
both universities.. just sebab aku dapat dua2 offer dari dua uni ni aje.

tapi, yelah,kita rakyat malaysia ni sedap sedap ati je nak suka atau prefer universiti dari luar. yelah, dalam kes aku ni, UTAS(university of tasmania,australia)

walaupun kedua-dua surat ni sama intipati die tapi aku personally melihat
nilai yang ada pada surat tawaran UTAS ni lebih tinggi dari UIAM. walaupun surat UTAS ni
sebenarnya hanyalah ber'ink kan ink Canon dari printer rumahku(sebab dia hantar tru emel jek) berbanding dengan surat UIAM yang siap ada dakwat gold lagi..tapi nilai yang ada pada nama 'Universiti kat Australia' tu haaa yang kita nampak..(sorilah gamba low quality and definitionnye, i tak sampai seru lagi beli digital cam lagi..sila sponsor kalo baek ati..teehee)

tapi walau macam mana pun, syukur alhamdulillah ke hadrat Allah sebab diberi rezeki lagi.
walaupun gagal ke sana, tapi Dia bermurah hati memberikan ku dan rakan2ku yang lain tempat di tanah air sendiri, siap jadik international student from australia lagi(hatta tak pernah walau sejengkal tapak kaki ni menapak atas bumi ostrolia tuh..ahhaha)

oklah,tu aje cerita UTAS. cerita UIAM pula..kalau anda malaysian mesti tahu uni ape ni tapi kalau terlepas tengok ke, it stands for Universiti Islam Antrabangsa Malaysia/IIUM. so basically it's an Islamic-based university..

mula2 dapat offer ni, macam2 perasaan ade kat kepala lutut otakku ni.syukur ada, takut ada, risau ada..macam2 ada la,bak kata astro(eei tak best @#$@%&^@$#@ pun astro mustika! nyesal subscribe!)

aku admit agak risau dengan peraturannya yang mungkin strict gila!(padahal diri sendiri skema mak pandir..ahaha), lepas tuh kena pass bahasa arab untuk grad nanti (last time aku belajar arab was during my kindergarten-years), peraturan pemakaiannya yang mungkin agak ketat especially kepada kaum hawa( kena pakai tudung labuh ke?) etc..

tapi lama2 fikir, mungkin ada hikmah di sebalik semua ni.
mungkin tuhan sedang tunjuk jalan kepada aku supaya jadi muslimah lebih baik, solehah dan ayu (ececeh..jangan korang muntah pulak atas keyboard tuh ye)

mak aku pon sendiri cakap " baguslah diba dapat UIA. mana tau terbukak ati nak fully pakai tudung nanti"

dalam hati memang rase agak geram bila mama cakap camtu sebab yelah..ati tak sepenuhnya kan.
ok aku admit.i memang jenis minah on-off pakai tudung. it's between pleasing my parents dan jugak ketidaksediaan nak sepenuhnya bertudung. and sometimes diorang pon agak lenient ngn kitorang adik bradik..tu yang jadi on-off tuh.

mungkin juga Allah sayangkan aku. nak tunjuk jalan ke arah lebih baik

mungkin di UIA tuh aku camni kot

eh tak..kat UIA takleh pakai camni..lagipon cam more to taliban je aku nengok..ok2 tuka

haaa.. better.. =) even though cam geli je muke tuu

tapi aku tahu, kalau pun bila dah keluar UIA nanti, tak mampu juga nak bukak pintu hati
ni nak fully bertudung, i know, ada niat ke arah tu memang ade,tapi belom lagi..orang lain maybe pikir ni alasan je tapi i know myself better.

mungkin UIA bukanlah pemangkin saya ke arah itu lagi.

nways,UIAM, here i come.tomorrow.

saje random: still risau pasal arab tuh..ya rabbi..cuak2.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

wonder girls spreads the aura in US

wonder girls fans might be aware that they'll be performing alongside jonas brothers
in the US but the thing that we are not aware with is that Mr.Jonas, father of the jonas brothers was the one whom contacted the girls and asked if they would like to join the JB on their tour, immediately after attending the JYP tour in LA out of initial curiosity. Seems like he was so smitten with the girls, right?

then there was this lucky fan,Rosie GaGa whom happened to attend the rehearsals and took pictures with the girls

pic credit to RosieGaga

Wonder Girls fans have recently uncovered a picture of the Wonder Girls with renowned choreographer, Laurie Ann Gibson, shooting their famous love bullets towards the camera! Have no idea who she is? She has been featured on MTV's Making the Band series, choreographed the movie "Honey", and has worked with several famous artists such as Diddy, Jordin Sparks, and Lady Gaga.

pic credit to I.said.hi

Another 'WG Aura' story. Shin Soo Choo, Korean outfielder for the Cleveland Indians, happens to be quite the fan of the girls and as a result, has converted all his teammates to the fandom as well!( same like ciknad who spreaded the fandom to me =D). A fan had sent him their hit song "Nobody" last year and ever since he first played it to his teammates, they were lovin' and so into it. They loved it so much that when the team is having batting practice at Progressive Field, the song is playing. He went on to say, "The song says, 'I want nobody but you. But it sounds like they're saying, 'I want nobody but Choo!' I like it. It gives me an energy boost."

story credits to allkpop

and just so u know, the English version of 'Nobody' will be released this 27th June, the same day they're gonna start touring with JB at their first stop in Portland.

weee cant wait..i want nobody nobody but u..

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

my banner-to-be

it's a courtesy from my sifu, ciknad.
nice isn't it???

can't wait to put it up on my blog..
just a matter of time.

minho oppa don't worry i still love u.

hehe =p

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

saengil chukha hamnida min ho oppa

it was yesterday but i was friggin' busy shopping my uni-stuff.
that i forgot his birthday post..

so here i am, today..
wishing oppa a very happy belated birthday.
huuu cant say it in hangul. cos i just don't know the languange.
but i'm sure my sarang for him is far enough to compensate that.

lee min ho, or best known with the role as Gu Jun Pyo the F4 leader...

... is the cute and bubbly guy

..suave and charming
... sensitive and full of emotions

... with the sexy back,,heheh =p

...the bad guy image,with the black eyeliner around his eyes

... and my favorite pic of all, the ohmygod-so-handsome-with-the-straight-hair lee min ho

u are just so amazing.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

looks like Rain got no chance with Foxy

megan fox was spotted spending time with ex, Brian Austin Green after the promotional tour in Europe. The pair headed to Gyu-Kayu restaurant in LA for some cozy time together.

what happened?
i thought she's interested in Rain??
or maybe that was just a mere talk?
poor Rain..
ohoho never mind lots of fans would want to
replace her lol..


pic and story credit to perezhilton

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Joe Jonas confirms Nick-Miley

vid credits :ohhowyoureyessparkle

skip to 1:45. the girlfriend talk starts there.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Robert pattinson was hit by car in NYC

photo credits to Bauer-Griffin

Doesn't Edward know he can just stop the taxis with his hand?

Twilight's Robert Pattinson was reportedly hit by a taxi in NYC today, while trying to make a getaway from hoards of screaming fans.

According to a source, Rob was attempting to run across a busy Manhattan street when he was hit from the side by a yellow cab. Luckily the driver slammed on his breaks and Rob wasn't injured -- in fact, he was able to just walk away from the incident unscathed.

Just like Edward!

The craziness surrounding Rob's time in New York has resulted in the actor's hiring of private bodyguards, in addition to the ones provided by Summit Entertainment on the set of his new movie Remember Me.

Though this is the second nutty fan incident this week (Monday he was also chased and mobbed by fans), Rob seems to be taking it all in stride.

"I think he appreciates it. He's not one to make a big deal about it. He's a chill guy and quiet so far," a source said. "I think he finds it a little weird that people are standing outside all day to get a glimpse of him, but grateful."

Please, people! Give the man some breathing room so he doesn't feel the need to throw himself in front of moving vehicles.

article info credit to daily blabber

if robert pattinson was seriously injured, i'll kill and suck the blood of those horrible fans!

without him, there will be no perfect edward cullen.

robert patzy is THE edward cullen.

no one can ever replace him...


edward cullen is <3

current mood :sympathetic.gif sympathetic..poor cullen.

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

megan fox interview in korea

The broadcasting team of MBC succeeded in getting an interview with the Transformers stars, Megan Fox and Shia LaBeouf.

Here are the questions just in case you couldn't understand them in context.

Megan Fox:

Who do you think would win in a fight TaeKwon V (Korean TV show) or Optimus Prime (of Transformers)?

Shia LeBeouf:

1)Did you know there are many Korean fans of Transformers?

2) Which style do you like better? The sexy Megan Fox style or the intelligent reporter style?

Check it out their answers. (Rain comments start around 1:54)

video credits : CodeMonmonSeason2

oh well, please100000 let megan fox and rain meet and maybe, dating..
ehehhe..that would be soo cute =)

info and story credits to korea precious and allkpop

saje random :erghh..i'm friggin' bored!!!!!!!get me a life!!

eemm ok much better

Black Eyed Peas likes Rain and the Wonder Girls

well, who doesnt?

check out this's their recent interview by a Korean News Station.

video credit :SoheeFc
info credits to korea precious and allkpop

cool huh..
i love BEP!
and it's great that they love korean artistes as well!
i hope any future collaborations can be done between those three..
that would be so cool! =)

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Friday, June 12, 2009

megan fox wants to date rain??

ok now we know that rain's dream girl is the hot megan fox, but what we don't know is that
megan fox might as well fancy rain..

omg seriously??!

well apparently. it seems so. =)

Megan Fox was on an Australian Radio Show titled 'The Kyle and Jackie O Show' yesterday and was asked on who she wanted to date next. Megan Fox responded with:

"There's this Korean Justin Timberlake named Rain. And I'm really on this situation right now, I'm trying to fix this up."

ok now we know there's kinda serious thing happening between them..
well,may be,just maybe..

if they are really hooking up, i think they would make such a hot and sizzling couple!
ok now just forget bout that rain and gay thingy,,i myself was really surprised the first time i read it.
that gay-thingy was in the sorry, rain's fans..

peace~~ =)

story/info and pic credits to allkpop

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

nick and miley. they are so ON!

The crazy kids are making another go at it and look so adorable trying!

Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas are jumping right back into their previous relationship, as Nick flew down to Savannah to be with his best girl while she shoots her new movie.

The pair were snapped jet-skiing on Tybee Island, Gerogia, yesterday by several locals.

Squint real hard and you can clearly make out the Jonai curl and Miley's crooked teeth. They seem pretty cozy to us.

Let's see how long it lasts THIS time!

pics and article credit to perezhilton

yeah..let's see how long..
well..might be long i guess..
people say 'first love never dies'

we'll see bout that..
poor justin though..
miley seems to get over him pretty fast huh..

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kim hyun joong is the most kissable male celebrity

apparently lots of people wants a kiss from kim hyun joong, according to a survey by Jewelry brand Stylus by Golden Dew in honor of the Kiss Day(yeah, they have it in Korea).

The results are as follows:

1. Kim Hyun Joong (34%)
pic credit :silentopinion

2.Lee Min Ho(32%)

pic credits to :peachy1229

3.Song Seung Hun(15%)

4.Jo In Sung (13%)

pic credits:men-photo

5. Lee Seung Gi(6%)

pic credits :mari_messias

info credits to koreaprecious and allkpop

it really seems that the BOF fever is still going strong..we have 2 of the f4 here..
emmm..but, where is my jaejoong and siwon oppa??

no one wants to kiss them??
let me then..ahahaha

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hot megan fox transforms a gay to straight

wooo..shoot me! i just knew that Bi Rain who was popular with 'Full House' tv series
was once a gay! to all his fans, he's now a straight guy no worries..
and what i didn't know also was that last year,he has made a public statement on an episode of MBC Section Tv that he prefers sexy women-particularly Transformers star Megan Fox.

ahhaha..megan fox sure is super hot but i never knew that she has this ability to transform a gay to a straight male..

pic credits to giantrobot

ok now for the current. megan fox is now in South Korea accompanied by her co-star Shia La Beouf and director,Michael Bay to promote the "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen." Just last 2days, the trio attended a red carpet event at Yongsan CGV Theater and all three held a joint press conference yesterday(10th June). that Megan Fox is finally in SK, i wonder will Rain try to make a move on her dream girl there?

Let us just wait and see =D

Check out the photos of the trio on the red carpet

pic credits :JustJared and allkpop

story credits: allkpop

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