Friday, November 27, 2009


t's been awhile.
yeah lame tak update blog

malas n malas n malas
cos internet lembab satu, then
takde mende best nak update
apparently takde mende best pon kat uni ni
apsal aku anti sangat ngan u aku sendiri ntah..
but then, ske ati ah

skg ni mmg still ngah demam HEARTBEAT
from 2PM's latest album 1:59 pm
o god i seriously heart album ni
lagu diorg are very easy to the ears
few times listening then terus suke

taec, nichkun n junsu(esp with his new haircut) = <3
wooyoung pun comey sangat n i adore his vocal here
n emmm chansung pon nampk maken ncem la

ok now its NEW MOON talk!
like seriously pukul 12 tadi brit msged
me saying that she's watching new moon!
erkshh! midnite muvie and premiere kot!
jeles gile!
eeeii i cant wait to watch it myslef n altho
many reviews abroad saying that it was least than expected
tapi wa tak kesah
asal wa munya edward cullen sama itu jasper sama itu dr cullen ade
sulah cukop woo
hahahha farah perv!

ok then, tadi gak baru lepas skyped with tiha dearie
ooh miss her so mcuh
and what the hell she looks fairer and way prettier
kat beijing sne??
so unfair!hahahha
banyak tol ketidakadilan =D
cant wait for her to come home nxt yr
altho i wont be at home with her
and yeah, she bought manyak stuff dbsk
jae's special edition mirotic necklace
cincin dbsk, tumbler jaejoong, socks

erkksh i envy her sangat!

ok now we're talking bout MAMA
Mnet Asian Music Festival
congrats to 2PM for both best male group n artist of the year award
not to forget my dongbang oppas
for the Best Asian Star award
u guys totally deserve it and im sure all cassies feel the same way too
and it was indeed a heart breaker to see only jaechunsu up there
receiving the award
no sight of homin at all

and as always,jae never fails to touch a girl's heart(that would be me)

in his speech he said

'I don't know if they are watching this or not, but just in case they are, I would like to tell these two friends that I love them. Thank you'

those two friends were actually referred to yunho and changmin..ooh my..sangat terharu
membace speech hubby ni..isk2

i love u too oppa =D

saje random : i miss sume org time ni..

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harmila said...

x abeh2 ngn abg korea die.huhuhu

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