Wednesday, February 11, 2009

aku masih waras

post ni khas kpd housemate2 ku dlu(ciknad,pya,iman) yg salu dok
mengusik cik farah ni gle sebab salu cakap sorang2..huhu

oopss. kantoi xp

but i know u guys were just playing around wit big deal..
tapi ntok pengetahuan am,this might be useful.its an article from my august 2006 edition
reader's digest entitled 'Are You Normal of Nuts?'

Q : I talk to myself all the time, and sometimes I even respond aloud to questions I mentally ask myslef. Is this a mild form of schizophrenia?

A :Not so long as u're the only one talking. If u hear voices that seem to come from outside urself n they tell u to do something stupid, lyke killing ur aunt margaret, drop this magazine n get to the hospital rite now. But regular old talking to urself is a normal human quirk. We rehearse what we'll say to someone we want to impress. we think up wittier replies 4that recent conversation in which we failed to impress, n sometimes, lyke u, we solve problems.

NASA consultant Wood says ure using a "think-aloud protocol". Studies show that students often perform tasks better if they think out loud. Psychologists would once ask test subjects to think aloud so that researchers could figure out how they were solving the probs. but time n again, they found that these subjects did the tasks better than those who remained silent. so long as u dont overdo it in public, keep up the conversation wif urself. its only helping (weed 2006).

hehe..xsangke bace RD's lame b4 tdo bjaye juge menjawab ketidaknormalan aku nih..
i'm normal people!!!yoohoo

kne TAG lagik..

this time ive been tagged by miss safiya razif.tu pon thru mukebuku(facebook la kalo sape2 blur ttbe)'s 25 random things bout myself..since ive been sooo malas nak bukak mukebuku itu, jadik blog keshayangan ni la jadik mangse..xpe kan cik blog??

25 random things

1. i have susah nak tdo malam.kalo siang senang nk lelap.
but believe me people, i hardly(i mean very hardly) slept in class when i was in intec..a miracle it was, i know xD current craze is Kpop. i mean seriously, thanks a lot to ciknad sebab sebarkan kegilaannye kat korea tuh to her x-housemate nih..i owe u a lot .Kpop is <3

3.tapi my always love and devotion is for hindi stuff. sharukh n hrithik ROXX! make comeback movies and i'll be hooked up back! rab ne bada di jodi aur kites..chalo!come to malaysia~~

4. i still love english,malay n idonesia songs though...u can call me a melting pot.eemm a melting music box, to be exact..hahah this very moment, i am so very happy n proud of my frens who managed to study abroad ( aus n nz)..i am so damn proud of u guys. all of u totally deserve these opportunites. 1stly, to my roommates(pya, iman)..then, my fellow sydeny frens(amir,izi,dayah,aide,john,hanis,azri and azrul)..xlpe jge to redz yang pgi india i think,not sure bout that..yg laen2 tuh cam jibam, dz,zaid..i donno what happened to u guys.hopefully they are ok sumwhere.tapi klo korang tbace post ni kat mne2 ke, time kaseh byk2 ats sume yg korang tolong saye dlu. i really appreaciate it( this applies to other sydneyians as well k, n my roommates 2) 4 ciknad, just let the secret of ur hiding place be btween us only..hehe..n lbnl, to cikah yang banyak kali menginap kat suite 4/002 ( btol ke no bilek ni) dlu..saye byk terhibor ngn cte2 klaka awk tuh. thnks again..

6. i'm not really friendly. that explains why i had small community of frens mase kat intec dlu..heh..but i can be a good one to those yg sekepale..tanye lala..weee.try me kayh

7.saye sdg merindui kawan baek saye, cik lala..skrg ni

8.i had my licence lyke almost 2years alredi..but still takot, xbrani bawak kete.accident pnye pasal le pethatic

9.saye jge rindu pada lecturer esls saye skg nih..huhu

10. saye sangat risau. uni da apply. dapat cos ape la ak nih..uni mane le aku dapat nti...msia je nih ye

11.i am still keeping the offer letter from utas. eventho i shud have thrown dat away like so long ago. tapi bkan senang nk dpt surat from overc, with our name printed on, better keep it.memories (^-^)

12.i'm a normal human being. with grudge and hatred.. so u cant blame me for hating aus..kan?kan?hahha..

13. which explains why i refused to go for a vacation to aus planned by abah ujong taon options??singapore or jakarta maybe..

14.baru 14 ke?? this tag thingy is alredi getting into my nerves ~~

15.seleraku thadap window shopping skaligus shopping bli barang tlah pupus stat peristiwe emo-ku dlu..oh tidak!!

16.omg..rihanna's concert in msia is postponed!! sebab musabab?? chris brown mata aer nye tuh was suspected memukul rihanna aka idol kesayangan come??!!

17.i am not happy with the grammy's result recently. how come no air( chris brown n jordin sparks) bleh kalah ngn rich woman by i-dont-know-who ( its not a grup name or what.. i really xtau sape)..tapi siapalah aku ini.. current tv show obsession is the nanny!! siyes best show ni..wlopon da lame..i cant stop laughing tgk fran gedik2 ngn mr sheffield, niles kenekan CC..check it out evryday (i'm not sure saturday ade ke x) 8am and 12am.only on the halllmark channel..hahah poyos

19.still..las vegas( josh ure so hot!),america's next top model(tyra ure so pretty),rona roni makaroni tetap mnjadi pojaan atiku..

20.n fran aka the nanny..u r seriously gorgeous..despite THE VOICE..hahha

21.sdg berusehe bace bku pljaran spnjg cti bersalen emosi nih..haha..but easier said than done really..ya tuhan kuatkan semangatku ini

22.mnom aer sket, jap lagi nk terkucil. tmpt sjok sket, nk terkucil of my weaknesses

23.gonna turn 20 this coming june(lambat lagi pon).but not sure whether i'm redi o not to becoming a WOMAN. that word means to carry a lot of responsibilities, be matured in everyting, willing to make commitments whatsoever..omg am i redi 4 all these???

24.plan nak inai rambot..hahah..bia btol??

25. selamenye ske makan roti ngn butter..yummy

abes da..what a i'm tagging............

everyone..who acteli got the nerve to read my blog..hahah .tq..if there's any

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

flightless bird american mouth

this is the song used for the prom-scene in the movie twilight..go and check it out.worth watching xD

the main lead herself(kirsten stewart) suggested this song for the scene..she made an excellent choice. good reviews were given for this song..

although most of the fans(including me), hardly understand the lyrics..ok check this out

I was a quick wet boy, diving too deep for coins
All of your street light eyes wide on my plastic toys
Then when the cops closed the fair, I cut my long baby hair
Stole me a dog-eared map and called for you everywhere

Have I found you
Flightless bird, jealous, weeping or lost you, american mouth
Big pill looming

Now I'm a fat house cat
Nursing my sore blunt tongue
Watching the warm poison rats curl through the wide fence cracks
Pissing on magazine photos
Those fishing lures thrown in the cold
And clean blood of Christ mountain stream

Have I found you
Flightless bird, grounded, bleeding or lost you, american mouth
Big pill stuck going down

but the melody can simply catch anybody's ears(hahah..btol ke bahase aku ni??)..melody and rentak lagu ni sangat2 sweet =D..i recommend this song to all the lovebirds out there(lala, denga lagu ni yek),yg da tengok twilght especially..cheers

~~This song is the perfect song for Edward and Bella.
"Have I found you" reminds of when Edward said 'You don't know how long I've waited for you' Perfect song, perfect scene( XxTwilight FanpirexX 2009)

~~I really like how it accidentally relate to the movie. Bella is obviously the flightless bird. Well she's Bella SWAN and I think that the song is trying to say that among all the Swans, she is the defenseless one, but the most irresistible. . .

^_^ great song by the way!(whitescarlet12 2009)

~~The song and the melody ... are magical ... make me feel as if you were flying ... in the air. I think it's wonderful that there may be a song like this that makes you feel love or want to be. describes a dramatically beautiful love story between Bella and Edward, maybe it was not created for the movie, but could not exist other better ...(marii1910 2009)

ok guys, listen and cherish the this song, flightless bird american mouth

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