Wednesday, August 25, 2010

a very quick update!

e life's been very busy this semester
i mean with all the quizzes!!
i can hardly breathe!

and FYI our quizzes
are SO not like the ones at other UNIs
we do NOT have mid sem xm anymore
and all these mengarot quizzes-le yang replace our mid sem

i really do effing miss mid sem xm!
my life has never been this hectic b4
very tight,packed schedule that i even neglected this love of life lame gile
ok tomorrow got the 2nd pathology quiz
the 1st one was quite good alhamdulillah
hoping that i could nail tomorrows' as well..


dont forget sedekah2kan doa2 anda ye peeps
bulan pose ni banyakkn la sedekah ye
no matter whatever it is


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