Sunday, August 31, 2008


lpe lak nk tuleh pasal ielts arituh..

reading was sooo not gud..i hardly understand da 3rd passage
listening..emm ok la,,but not dat good gak sbnanye..
writing..i was confident with task 2 but as for task 1,i faced diffulties due to time constrain..i was left wif only 20 min to do it(mmg 20min kne wat tpi xckp leh)..dgn pale yg blur lg..
speaking..i got the topic bout magazine,comparisons wif the nwspaper,news in tv and paper..bla3..ok la gak..but again mne tau,ntah2 interviewer tuh dgr ak ckp cam siam je..isk

pasrah je la tggu result 12.09 ni..lagipon emmmm

Friday, August 29, 2008


ak dlm dilema
bru je post ak lps ckp ak nk kua
briye gle ak tuleh
sbb niat ak nk kua tuh mmg briye
ak xmemaen


bru je td klas mdm faizah
nasihatkan kitorang sydneyians
dont give up
n then she told us all the consequences of not flying
of quitting, of thinking about giving up alredi
die cakap jgn pk for short term je
u gonna regret for the rest of ur life


siyes ak trase gle td
cam die tujukan kt ak je
jgn parents ak da bgtau lec suda
but i think x tau kot
papepon ak da shed tears da td
ak susah sket nk nangis(siyes..)
tpi tdk ak xleh tahan sbb sah2 ak mmg ade intention nk kua
nape la naseb ak cmni
nk kua pon xleh..well ape yg madam ckp tuh btol
tpi ati kecik ak ni nk kua gak
tpi ak tau susah
ngn kecerewetan intec,sponsor,concerns from lec
well ak pk gak mnde tuh
but whats the point of staying if i know alredi i wont make it???
aduss ak siyes tgh down gle ni
mama abah dtg cpt
i need u guys hre

Friday, August 22, 2008

stop bothering me!!!!!!!!

da lame aku x update blog akunih
xde mase arh
byk mnde actually yg b4 ni aku nk tuleh
tpi thalang ngn mcm2 le
aleh2 ilang da mood nk tuleh

tpi yg ni ak mmg tgh BENGANG!!

theres just something i wanna dat particular PERSON(S) to know

stop bothering me pls

harapnye anda(2) yg bkenaan tuh
paham n pls..back off

sy xmau ckp lbeh2
cos u were nice to me
but dat was is present..

hope u understand..
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