Thursday, December 25, 2008

getting over,dropout,edward,india,locals,hk,pramugari

Alhamdulillah. Ive gotten over not being able to fly. (not really, but somehow im now able to enjoy laughter and jokes etc after like a wik of emo-ing).not flying is sad (although I previously had my parents came to intec somewhere during the 3rd sem asking pn saadah to let me quit). My parents esp mama tried hard enough comforting me whatsoever but the moment mama said something like this “ u shouldn’t be crying like this now.i thought this is what u want when u told me u wanna quit b4”..

Tros..i realized..ya, dis is acteli what I wanted all the tears, disappointment, etc 4? u shud acteli enjoying ur lyf now,happily in Malaysia tanah tumpah darahku(according to the me, then). Bukannye dok blaming urself n keep telling dba u r stupid, useless, etc(isk2 anak sape la ni)..well lala if I u read this, this is acteli the reason for my long silence.

That’s how I slowly recovered(sounds like im suffering from some kind of fatal illness plak..=p) and started to be me again..still, its hard to acteli forget the fact that u r a loser or dropout or wuteva people (or I myself) might call I am (if mama tau I call myself like this, she’ll be upset,,again)..tapi i believe time heals everything(mama 2008)..n Alhamdulillah grateful for having such supportive parents esp mama..well,she’d prefer me to study locally,in fact she was happy at the day I dapat that stupid result.

N also, finally…I found my Edward.yup talking bout that hot Edward Cullen is of the vampire-boy…..extremely cute! He appeared at the rite time which was when I dok emo dapat result so grateful for his presence..thank u Edward..n I sriusly love u so much! N of cos to show my gratitude, here’s a compile of Edward’s pics…isn’t he adorable??????????

My options after plan A failed..well, 1st is india..according to cik fauzana she’ll try to somehow squeeze me in, but no promises. But sriusly, after a while, I lose d interest of flying. Imean furthering study abroad. Maybe im destined to be here…lagipon mama promises to bring me abroad someday..lagi best g abroad for vacation.xtensen(mama 2008).this seems possible as abah n ti will be going to hong kong nxt month.n my turn might be next.well im just keeping my fingers crossed..xD

The 2nd one is..either uitm or uia. Majoring in bachelor of pharmacy. Im working for it at the moment..browsing tru the net searching for information hopes for ipts as jpa are not sponsoring pharmacy students there,and although I do not prefer uia to continue my study there(as we do not match together =p) but I have to accept klo2 I am placed there. Allah lebih mengetahui.=) n if I failed again to be placed at both unis, then only my sponsorship would be terminated (fauzana 2008).

Alhamdulillah sekali lagi cos my parents do not mind paying for uni fees klo my sponsorship is terminated..but I sriusly would ask them to apply for ptptn. That would be better. In this case, that means I would be doing diplomas or tesl programme. I don’t really mind, as long as my parents don’t mind.

Hk trip. My father n sis are going to hk for a 5day trip.sempene ti abes spm. They’ll be going to Disneyland man..thats what im fond of. The rest would be fine 4me..n ti,im sriusly jeles of u.

Speaking of my sister, she finished her spm alredi n now started finding informations on what courses she wanna do..well dats not what I wanna highlite here.the one is the fact that shes gonna apply for a job as an air stewardess of mas.darn it! That was the dream job for both of us during our childhood! N she’s the one whos having the opportunity..this is why I truly hate her at the moment..(talking bout sister’s rivalry)our parents approved her decision and now they are busy making her well-prepared for the interview.still a long way to go, though..she needs her spm qualifications first kot..huhu..and when my mama told me to apply as well, I was like mama…diba ni rendah kot. Xmcam fatihah. xsheshuai la.Min height nak apply is 157cm..n I am just……….. (bkan dirahsiekan..but I sriusly donno my actual height ..hahaha) well I just think this way, my rezeki is not at flying..hahah(talking bout studying abroad n being an AIR stewardess).. n ti, im DEADLY jeles of u.

Wow, I just realized that this is sriusly a long post..xpela..da lame xtulis blog..

Sunday, December 14, 2008

penantian itu suatu penyeksaan

siyesly i hate much!im dying alredi..when will this end?soon farah soon..then u can breathe easy..days passing by..ill just hope all these will end by monday..cant bear anymore..

i sounded like some desperado isnt it?hah..get me wrong no plz(whats wif this eng??)
fellow sure u guys feel the same way as i do

gud luck anyways

twilight fever

dats my current mood now. to quote from bella ," im unconditionally and irrevocably "addicted with this movie..darn it was damn good!i read the novel halfway b4 actually watching it..n dats how i figured out that its a must-see..i watched the muvie on the premiere itself( da day when my fellow ausmatians were acteli bz attending the grand dinner ..heh =p)..n now so far ive watched the muvie on cinema for 3 times alredi...reading some reviews of the muvie, its true dat the muvie was not as expected..a few of scenes did not match those mentioned in the novel..n some even said that in only involves wooden acting and awful-script, hey dats mean.but a diehard fan girl of edward cullen aka robert pattinson, i never care bout the flaws of the muvie,in fact i didnt notice the at also in love with the soundtrack n scores used in this movie..this is 1st time ever i acteli downloaded the whole soundtrack n score album of a muvie( wif exception of hindi..heh)..well overall for me..the best scene was the baseball game..they should have make it longer though..ladies!theres not only one eyecandy, in fact theres a bunch of them(well at least more than one)..besides edward, u shouldnt have missed the charismatic dr cullen n the weird but cute jasper hale..simply said,these vamp-hunks
have 'biten' me.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

an arranged marriage is not so bad after all


1.the guy is handsome
2.the guy is filthy rich
3.the guy can entertain children
4.the guy has a very loving and supportive family
5.the guy has actually fallen for u at the first meeting in spite that he was reluctant to meet u at first
6.the guy shouts it out loud that he loves u
7.the guy is willing to accept u regardless anything happen(means that he loves u unconditionally)

these are all the reasons to watch VIVAH

ok,i'm being biased..writing all those bout guys only
tapi a girl nway..hahah =D

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


knape post ni btajok ini?

it starts with this. dalam kol 9 td
i msgd my sis wishing her gudluck 4 tomorrow's paper

butir2 msg sprti yg kat bwh ni

saye : ai lck 4 ur bst kayh.spm kcg dowh

die : Thankies !! ^^ huh, kcng otak muhh.. Hoho

saye :Ala bese la. i da lpas. so ckp sng la.nanti u abes da pn sme jgk.hahah..hwaiting!wat leklok k..lgpn insyaAllah sastra xssah sgt.blehny

die : Yolahh kek..Btw, ari sab2 lps ari angrh cmrlng. And i was shockd ble pat taw guey ni antra pljr cmrlang dlm my batch.Plus2,im the only malay.Bngge tueh!Naek pntas 2kali lak tueh.Lg 1,4 prfcts..Hehe..Gue dpt rm50..wakaka

saye: Gle ah! bdk mlyu laen xde?wow! cngrats 2u. em i dont blieve im saying this but bt im proud of u.xsie2 u amek sstra..alhamdulillah. hope u'l be 1 of the best stdnts nanti.k wat leklok100..

die : Hoho! still mean as usual! Btw, thanx again..InsyaAllah..Amin..K,nk smbg *D .daa~

End of msg..

i cant believe my sis made up to that par..well u see, die tuka from sns stream to sastera
lyk like a vry last minute gak..then now she's 1 of the best stdnts in her skul..

i cant believe i didnt know shes been doing so well in her studies..i hardly ever asked her bout stuffs lyk this evrytime kat ade kat umah..this clearly shows how ignorant i am..huhu

i cant believe i ckp kat die ' i am proud of u'..heh =p

n lastly


tpi consider la kan..tgh ngantok2 ni..
eh chemistry da panggil ni
baek2 chemistry saye datang!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


all the things i wanna do afte ssabsa :

1. watch vivah
2. watch dbsk's come to play dbsk's champagne high skul musical 3 at cinema hana yori dango final at cinema
6. watch dostana at cinema fanfic
8.continue spazzing bout dbsk wif nadi-prasan-baby-jaejoong

but b4 all these could be done, ssabsa first!
all these can wait kayh
be patient farah..focus100x
so..hiatus for 2 wiks

all the best to me
may Allah n blessings be with me always

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


to whom it may concern

tolong BLAH!

after what uve done

ttbe muncol lak

isk i hate chuuuuuuuuuuu

stop butting in my lyf 4eve

tolong la paham

ak benci ko

Saturday, October 25, 2008

knape saye SANGAT bnci


....sebab die....






tiada sebab laen melaenkan hodoh semate2

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

bile SRK dapat DATUK

sronok gak ble bace kat paper
psal mnde nih..
orang dok komen pesal sharukh leh dpt datuk?
artis msia sndrik xcukop layak ke dapat?
nape xbagi kat sheila majid ke,m.nasir ke o bbrpe name lagi yg dsbot...
nape msti sharukh yg basically contributed nothing to msia yang dapat?
alasan datuk seri ali rustam sbb sharukh
da tolong promote mlake tru films die
film yg dsbot tuh 'one 2 ka 4' ngn 'don'
tindakan ktue mntri mlke ni dapat kutukan pdas
sorang ahli besar BN ni kabo nye 'tindakan ni memalukan ngre'
nape xtarik balek je kalo byk sgt kontroversi kan?
isk burok siku la..kite da bagi nk mntak balik
komen sorang orang besar mlke gak la..
siyesly mse mmle tau pon aku mmg tkjot
engatkan rumours je konon2 nak bgi
xtau lak mmg konpem
frankly speaking mmg la ak rase ske la gak
ble sharukh dapat datuk
mnipu la klo ak ckp ak bantah sharukh time title ni
mcm mne orang kritik pon datuk ali rustam tuh
da lambat sudey...ayam da jadik laok pon
btol gak,, xkan ttbe nk tarek balek
lagi la orang pk ape la msia ni
(orang disni mrujok kpd org slain warganegare msia)
tapi xkan ak xbantah lagsong kot??
isk.... xde la ..sbgai rakyat patriotik
msti ade rase sdkt xpuas ati
ble rkyt luar tlalu diagong2kan
lagipon title datuk tuh bkan dpat nme je
elaun pon ade maa..
da la sharukh tuh mmg udah kaye
btambah2 lagi la duet die
wlopon elaun tuh mybe lekat celah gigi die je =p
bagi ak, kalo dlam prgkat perbncangan lagi ke
mmg ak bantah la pmbrian title datuk ni kat sharukh
bkn sbab ape..ramai lagi artis msie yang layak kan..
lagipon siyesly filem one 2 ka 4 mmg xlaku, org xtgok mne ak rase
klo don 2 considerable opis gak kutipannye
tapi satu lagi factor msti sbab sharukh ialah sharukh khan..
klo sharukh ialah name samaran sunil shetty yg blakon cte aaghaaz..ataupon sharukh adelah stage name si bobby deol yg blakon cte humraaz..or sharukh itu ade la nme manje kpd akshay khanna yg blakon cte shaadi se pehle..(skdr mybot bbpe name actors n films filmed in msia)
ntah mrase ke tidak datuk ni..n i dont think these actors would receive the same recognition as what srk will be getting nanti..
pendek cte..mrke kurang populer as compared to king khan
tpi skang ni pk positip je la
maybe sharukh pasni akan lbih aktip promote msia
in his future films..
lagipon bkn msia je ngre lua yg pnah bgi recognition kat sharukh
france pon pnah bagi gak..Ordre des Arts et des Lettres
(Order of the Arts and Literature)

lbnl..kpd bakal datuk shah rukh khan n datin gauri khan
bhadhai ho!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


waaaaaaaaaa.....stlah lame xtules blog
make ak officially declare myself tgh demam skang!!!!!
didapati demam sdang dalam kronik skang..
demam apekah sampai kronik ni??

omg2..nak tgok balek lps SSABSA..
dats the first thing on list!!!
shahid-amrita is alredi my fav jodi afte
srkajol n hrithikareena

2. DBSK be spesifik..ehem2..
(according to preference..heheh =p but there's a tie btween junsu oppa n yunho oppa..cant really choose)
oppadeuri y r u guys so hot??
erkkhhh melting....

i think this is the first time i actually
like those YOUNGER than me!!
omg2...but jonghyun n minho r just hard to resist..
sing 4me 'noona youre so pretty' plzzzzzzz

emm byk tol dgaan nak dkat2 ssbsa nih..
k2..i know2..
off to stadi la ni..

saengil chukhahaeyo donghae oppa

well..dats all i can say to oppa
as i hardly know korean languange
buts its ok rite oppa?
its the thought that counts
heheh =p
sweet 22

p/s : be happy with cenad unnie but oppa can always come to me
if oppa feels unnie does not suit u..hahahaah(evil laugh) =D

Sunday, October 5, 2008

sampai sudah

dari airport td
then fetched by my aunty
and rite away to here
akhernye sampai jge ak kat akasia
tggal less than a month b4 ssbsa
and then the true independence day will finally come

Thursday, September 25, 2008

15 mnde orang xtau pasal ak

1. ak sntiase pnah bharap housestair hrithik ngan sharukh akan tgugat dgn khadiran org ketige iaitu AKU..hahaha

2. sbb 2 la ak SANGATxinfinity mau ke india nanti ntok laksanekan misi jahat penting ak tuh..doakan ak bjaye tau

3. ak ni b'double eyelid dan bkulit glap lagi..motip ak tuleh mnde ni sbb musykil ngn bbpe orang kat bbpe tmpt (cth:txi,psr mlm) yg panggil ak amoi..r u being sarcastic??

4.mak ak plek bebena pesal anak die gle tol ngn industan..tym ngandung ak dlu die xpnah gle kat mne2 incik bangladesh mirip sharukh ke apetah lagi cam hrithik..ak pon musykil..korang tau ke nape? is my life..cant live without wonder certain people deem it as their religion

6.sperti chikah ,ak jge bkn insan sosial..privacy is precious..

7.tpi ak jge bkn manusie sumbang ,just penyenyap around people i rarely know( ak xgne istilah kera sumbang sbb ak xstuju ngn teori darwin yg ckp manusie evolve from apes..apeda)

8.mcm chikah gak..dlu ak bnci gle pink,time ak skola menenga dlu.siyes ak ade smcm allergy ngn pink smpi penin mate ak nengok esp yg striking tuh..tpi skg ni cadar katel ak pon da kale pink..ape kes eh?

9.ak ni agak skema..adekah sbb tuh ak ni prefect dlu?heh

10.ak xpnah gi mmne konsert.kat india apetah lagi kat msia ni..sedeh kan..

11.ak ske bace detektif conan..lame da xbace.sesape leh kasi pinjam?n same goes to archie comics. kekadang ak b'angan ak la c veronica lodge..h0ho (tapi ak xnak gilekan archie-kins tuh sampai asek gado ngan betty je..ak nk bhijrah kua dari riverdale n gi la nY ke LA ke..haha..poyo =p)

12. c cenad glekan kihae pairing, ak lak glekan the jodi(s) of srkajol n hrithikareena ..mereke padan bangat!!

13.walopon korean-stuff sdkit sbyk tlah mpengaruhi ak skang, thanks to cenad..heh, but india ttp di atiku..patriotik x ak??hahaha

14. tapi msia lagi la di atiku..klo la ak dpt fly, ak ttp mau balek sni n serve da country..h0ho lagi skli patriotik gak ak ni..kan?kan?kan?........cakap je ye

15.eventhough best nk balek umah nnti tp ak sangat tensi nak balek sabtu 27 ni cos abah sude m'disconnect'n umah dri teknologi yg melaghakan iaitu internet sbb sume ank btuah bliau tlah dan akan pekse taon ni..upsr,spm,SSABSA..huhu

ok chikah.done my part..tq sbab tag saye aritu..atleast bosan2 abeh xm ade mnde nk buat..(^-^)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

hepi 17th birthday key

still not too late to wish
today's birthday boy
sweeeet 17

sing 4me 'noona is so pretty' plzzzz..

Sunday, September 21, 2008

happy 28th birthday bebo

ure a year older today
but still, PRETTY as ALWAYS
looking forward 4ur marriage with saif
may god bless u *wink*

Saturday, September 20, 2008

adekah ini dipanggil kurang ajar?

situasi dalam bas mini :

bas ni xlah sesak tapi pnoh la sume seatnye..
seorang plajar dudok kat bhgian tpi tingkap
kat sblhnye sorang pompuan yg tue sket than die
ad sorang pakcik india yg die kre mmg sudah tue
based on physical appearancenye
dan berdiri..
plajar ini mmle xkesah tpi llme ksian mlhat pakcik ni bdri
tniat nk offer seat kt die
tpi mslhnye die dok kt tpi n bas tuh sdg bgrak
mnyukarkan pergerakan utk pnukaran seat..
niat di atinye pk nk offer lps mkck kat sblhnye tuh klua
tpi time tuh je ade sorang indian guy yg td bdiri tros dok sblh die
"erkkk...cmne nih?"detik ati plajar tsebot
mggunekan alasan yg tdi so die pon batalkan je niat tuh
sampai la at last pakcik tue tadi klua.
adekah die kurang ajar?

smoge ak xdlayan sbgtu nanti di ari tue ku...amin

Thursday, September 18, 2008


b4 i lay myself down atas katil n have a good nite sleep
there's really something i wanna shout out loud

I HATE U!!!!!!!!!!!
(how i wish this blog could somehow shout it out for me)

i wish we didnt meet at the 1st place and now im hoping that we can never meet again..NEVER.
amin..(smoge amin di bulan pose ni dikabulkan Allah) bleh nite world

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

saje merepek

time2 dkat nk buke pose ni..
ttbe ak t'pk
ak xsaba da nk abeskan sise hidop ak kt sni
ak xsaba nk kua
cpatnye mse jalan
ble pk nk ssbasa ak takot
tpi ble pk khdupan lps tuh ak nk cpat2 mse ni jalan

nk idop kat sni la yg xenaknye..

why??kenapa??kyu???pourquoi ??

siwon's chibi is no longer in the google image search page 5!!!!!!!!!!!
i remembered the page cos cenad just showed it to me last nite..
its only last nite and POOOFF!!
now its gone alredi..
y are they doing this to him??

somebody answer me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nway this is the chibi
i managed to save it last nite
but this 1 cannot animate..
2 yang geram!!

n this is the latest him (wif new n HOT hairstyle)...
my man..hehe

credit to miss siti nadiah 4da pics..=)


tadik housemate ak piya n cenad blk
from klia g anta membe diorang, aemy aka poye
yg dgn jayenye dapat further medic kat INDIA..
huhu syabbas beti!!

walopon ak personally xknal die n uniq(yg dapat jge ke INDIA)
tpi ak JELES HEPI ngn diorang..

yela..INDIA tuh
sape xnak gi INDIA??
sronot tol diorang..
hope korang sukses kat sne
n jgn lpe kem salam kt taj mahal ye

sedeh ni.............
k mau sambong chemistry

Monday, September 15, 2008

public embarassment!!!!!!!!

sedang ak mnjalankan kaki from 4seasons
stlh bli roti ntok bke pose
ngan xdisangke2


i fell down rite in front of the indian pakciks at the barber shop
next to 4seasons
saket lak tuh
tpi ak gagahkan gak bgun nk blah dri stu
without even looking at those pakciks
n then suddenly
alaaaaaaaaa pesal la diorang panggil ak ni??
ak pndang je diorg tnjk kat spec ak yg mlabuhkan drinye kat lantai
ngn mke slmbe skli ngan senyom yg dbuat2
ak tros amek n blah...

analisis2 cmne ak leh t'buat public embarassment yg maha dahsyat td:
- ak syiok sgt jln td sambil messaging..
- state ak sndrik yg rabon tpi xnak pki spec..padan mke
- da la dok msg2, tgk lagi vc industan kat kdai vdeo sblh kdai barber 2

conclusionnye pdan mke sndri le

p/s; saket lagi lutot afte jatoh td, tme sujud lagi trse..isk =(

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


camne nk ilangkan prasaan ni??
ak tensi ngn trial yg maken dekat ni..
ak akn cbe wat btol2
klo ekot post ak yg dlu tuh(i mentioned sumthing bout 'quitting')
well ble pk balek ak akn wat je leklok
no high all
sbb tuh mybe ak xksah kot xdapt conditional letter from monash tuh
no big deal...nway 4those yg dapat..congrats!
well i do hope 4da best..
but i cant promise anything
dpt xdpt keje tuhan
lgpon parents ak da bg green lite
n ketidakkesahan mrke itu melegekan ak
at least satu beban ak abes daaa...
mse mkn cpat, laju je die lari
bpeloh2 ak nk keja..hohoho
on da bright side acteli ak ske ngn kcptan mse ni jlan
thinking of the moment im gonna step out off hre
sronotnye time tuh..............................................................................


i'm relieved ...
n at the same time hepi also
for dat person who has finally getting over
tgk kat die pnye latest profile
yeah dat person seems hepi now
n no hard feelings between us..
baek sungguh die bg komen pose 2me..mekaseh =)

but there are still yg blom get over(tolong la paham ye) n also seem to be having hard feelings(sori)

sape2 la ntah

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


geram wif people who dont know the real condition of me
n then simply saying i made it up
pissed me off..REALLY!!!

feel da pain urself
then u only uve da rite to say on it
perhaps u patot kne dlu,baru tau!!!!!!!!

gram tol ngn manusie tuh..
xtau nk tuleh ape da
tapi again to dat TUT...............

u may badmouth bout me ONLY if u rase wut i suffer from kayh..
if ONLY i can make u rase camne gak..
if ONLY...................
but hows that possible??
so....mind ur words plz


Monday, September 8, 2008

i'm sick of SICKING..

get wut i mean?
well ak da bosan asyek saket je
ak sdar status ak yg b'prot sensetip ni
makan salah sket mle le wat hal
bkn prot je..naek smpi ke kple tuh
smpi klimaksnye mlm smlm
smpi kol 3-4lbh ak xleh tdo
pnye smcm nk pcah kple
g klinik pginye
cam ak agak doc ckp mnde same
prot awk ni sensitif, 1 o 2days ni jgn makan susu,pdas2,
klo leh jgn bli mkn kt bazar tuh(hasseenah 2008)
adess yg pdas tuh xleh tahan..
born a malay mmg pdas xleh pisah
emmm saket gak le jadi ak
soh korang jge le prot bebaek
jgn jd cam ak yg kne pntang itu ini =(
tpi ape pon alhamdulillah atas sume nikmatNYA

Monday, September 1, 2008


ape ak nk tuleh..well hopefully ramadhan ni akn dpt
tenangkan ati ak yg mmg tgh glo nih..amin

slmt bpose sume muslimin n muslimah

Sunday, August 31, 2008


lpe lak nk tuleh pasal ielts arituh..

reading was sooo not gud..i hardly understand da 3rd passage
listening..emm ok la,,but not dat good gak sbnanye..
writing..i was confident with task 2 but as for task 1,i faced diffulties due to time constrain..i was left wif only 20 min to do it(mmg 20min kne wat tpi xckp leh)..dgn pale yg blur lg..
speaking..i got the topic bout magazine,comparisons wif the nwspaper,news in tv and paper..bla3..ok la gak..but again mne tau,ntah2 interviewer tuh dgr ak ckp cam siam je..isk

pasrah je la tggu result 12.09 ni..lagipon emmmm

Friday, August 29, 2008


ak dlm dilema
bru je post ak lps ckp ak nk kua
briye gle ak tuleh
sbb niat ak nk kua tuh mmg briye
ak xmemaen


bru je td klas mdm faizah
nasihatkan kitorang sydneyians
dont give up
n then she told us all the consequences of not flying
of quitting, of thinking about giving up alredi
die cakap jgn pk for short term je
u gonna regret for the rest of ur life


siyes ak trase gle td
cam die tujukan kt ak je
jgn parents ak da bgtau lec suda
but i think x tau kot
papepon ak da shed tears da td
ak susah sket nk nangis(siyes..)
tpi tdk ak xleh tahan sbb sah2 ak mmg ade intention nk kua
nape la naseb ak cmni
nk kua pon xleh..well ape yg madam ckp tuh btol
tpi ati kecik ak ni nk kua gak
tpi ak tau susah
ngn kecerewetan intec,sponsor,concerns from lec
well ak pk gak mnde tuh
but whats the point of staying if i know alredi i wont make it???
aduss ak siyes tgh down gle ni
mama abah dtg cpt
i need u guys hre

Friday, August 22, 2008

stop bothering me!!!!!!!!

da lame aku x update blog akunih
xde mase arh
byk mnde actually yg b4 ni aku nk tuleh
tpi thalang ngn mcm2 le
aleh2 ilang da mood nk tuleh

tpi yg ni ak mmg tgh BENGANG!!

theres just something i wanna dat particular PERSON(S) to know

stop bothering me pls

harapnye anda(2) yg bkenaan tuh
paham n pls..back off

sy xmau ckp lbeh2
cos u were nice to me
but dat was is present..

hope u understand..

Saturday, July 26, 2008

in my room


this song is soooooooooooo is sang by 'shinee' a K-pop boy ke?? i don really know bout shinee compared to super junior in which my darling siwon oppa is there..heheh ...well ya kudos to the K-pop guru.siti cenad for all the teachings..?? hehehe...anyway this song really rocks..

the lyric..i mean the translated one as well as the music..really did touch me..the song is composed so beautifully..

this is the 3rd ballad song from korea i think..that i like after bogoshipta in stairway to heaven (pls mind the not dood in kerean language)n timeless ...

so this is it..the lyrics of 'in my room' by shinee..

Korean + Romanized Version

잠들지 않는 밤에 눈을 감아
Jamdeulji anhneun pame nuneul gama

그녀를 떠올린다
Keunyeoreul ddeoolrinda

아무것도 몰랐던 내가 너무 미워서
Amugeotto mollatteon naega neomu miwoseo

불을 키고 방을 둘러본다
Pureul kigo bangeul tulleoponda

희미하게 밝아오는 눈이 멈춘
Huimihage balgaeoneun tu nuni meomchun got

버리지 못했던 생일선물 그리고
Beoriji mothaettteon saengilseonmul keuriko neo

Keu modeun geot

Cause you were my sun, the moon
Cause you were my sun, the moon

전부였던 방에 있는
Nae jeonpuyeossdeon neo nae pange issneun

모든 것들이 그리워하나봐
Modeun keosdeuri neol keuriwohanabwa

위해 찾다 지쳐서 잠시 잊어도
Nel wihae chatda jichyeoseo neol jamsi ijeodo

숨겨놓은 우리의 추억이
Seumgyeonoheun uriui chueogi

가득 남아 cause you’re still in my room
Kadeuk nama cause you're still in my room

삶이라는 바다를 헤매다 잃어버렸던 꿈들이
Salmiraneun padareul hemaeda ilheopeoryeottdeon ggumdeuri

구석구석 녹아있는 책상 서랍
Kuseokkuseok nogaissneun chaeksang seorap

속에 숨겨놓고 있던
Keu soke sumgyeonohku issteon neo

먼지 쌓인 상자 속엔 바래진 사진과
Meonji ssahin sangja sogen paraejin sajingwa

어린 맘이 담긴 편지들 그리고
Eorin mami tamgin pyeonjideul keurigo neo

Keu modeun geot

Cause you were my sun, the moon
Cause you were my sun, the moon

전부였던 방에 있는
Nae jeonpuyeossdeon neo nae pange issneun

모든 것들이 그리워하나봐
Modeun keosdeuri neol keuriwohanabwa

위해 찾다 지쳐서 잠시 잊어도
Nel wihae chatda jichyeoseo neol jamsi ijeodo

숨겨놓은 우리의 추억이
Seumgyeonoheun uriui chueogi

가득 남아 cause you’re still in my room
Kadeuk nama cause you're still in my room

버리고 버려도 기억은
Peoriko ddo beoryeodo kieogeun

너를 다시 불러 놓고
Neoreul dasi bulreo nohko

앞에 앉아서 웃고 있는
Nae eope antaseo utko issneun

너를 곳에 가두려 하는데
Neoreul i gose kaduryeo ha neun de

Cause you were my sun, the moon
Cause you were my sun, the moon

전부였던 방에 있는
Nae jeonpuyeossdeon neo nae pange issneun

모든 것들이 그리워하나봐
Modeun keosdeuri neol keuriwohanabwa

위해 찾다 지쳐서 잠시 잊어도
Nel wihae chatda jichyeoseo neol jamsi ijeodo

숨겨놓은 우리의 추억이
Seumgyeonoheun uriui chueogi

가득 남아 cause you’re still in my room
Kadeuk nama cause you're still in my room

credit: themerrier@LJ

English Translation

I close my eyes in this sleepless night
And you dance in my thoughts.
I get so angry at myself, I knew nothing,
So I turn on the lights and look around my room
The place where my eyes are faintly placed on
is where I placed the birthday present I didn’t throw away
and everything else I have of you

Cause you were my sun, the moon
You were my everything and
Everything in my room seems to miss you
If I get tired putting myself in harms way to find you
and forget for a moment
our hidden memories still linger
cause you’re still in my room

Wandering the sea of life, all the lost dreams
are in the corners of my desk drawers,
and you were hidden within them
A picture of you I found in a box, under a layer of dust
A love letter filled with my young heart
and everything else I have of you

Cause you were my sun, the moon
You were my everything and
Everything in my room seems to miss you
If I get tired putting myself in harms way to find you
and forget for a moment
our hidden memories still linger
cause you’re still in my room

Even if I throw it away,
again and again
I want to call you
and see you smiling in front of me
I want to keep you right here

Cause you were my sun, the moon
You were my everything and
Everything in my room seems to miss you
If I get tired putting myself in harms way to find you
and forget for a moment
our hidden memories still linger
cause you’re still in my room

a so-called reunion..

d ari jumaat yg mulie smlm...ak ngn rasminye dpt jmpe membe kamceng ak afte lyke bpe taon ntah..lps spm tros xjmpe dah..huk2..besh gle!!! dpt jmpe blk..byk le mnde yg ktrg borakkn..then g mkan2..round2 kat mid 2..mmle cam kekok la lme dowh xjmpe tpi afte sometyme chemistry tuh dtg blk..hahah ..lala ckp ak nmpk kuros gle,,hahah..ske sume hasel usehe ak diet la..dlu ak xle gmok mne tpi mybe chubby SKET wat ak smgt nk maintain..keh2

mlmnye lak ak g tdo kt tmpt lala..die ni amek course fisiotherapy kat uitm pj..tpi dok n stadi kt wisma shun li..located only 5mnts frm mid val..bapak aahh!!klo ak le evrywik mid tuh cam 2nd home ak kot..hahah tpi yg xthn tuh bab public transpot le..adesss susa gle..saat ni le ak t'bygkan klo ak ade kete sndrik ..xpon bf yg ade kete

oooopss =p heheh

okes smbg blk lak tmpt makcik lala td..kolej alamanda nme die..umah diorg gle besa..padan ah satu umah 2 ade cam 10-12 ppl..luas bebeno ruang tamu xdak le cam sofa kt akasia cmre nih..pmndgn diorg tme mmlm besh gle..lawa bangat..ak mlm tuh tdo lmbt gle...da alang2 jmpe partner in crime nih pakat smbg borak le..housemate die thp kol 12 kot..sume da tdo...huk2..bagoih btol depa ni tdo awl2..

owh..ghupe2nye esok diorg ade hari koko..hahah ptt le tdo awl..sian gle..xleh bla ble kol 6.30 da kne kua g stadium mne ntah..uits..awlnye..soh ak sbg plwt thormat ni pon tros2an la mnymbg tdo ku ats alsan tdo lmbt smlm..heh

makkcik lala blk lam kol 11 camtuh..kmi smbg mmborakkan diri then siap2 diri ntok prgi mmakankan dri..sbb mkck ni yg dok blnje ak soh ak ekot je la die mkn kt ne pon..abes je mngisi prot ngn nsi goreng ayam(faveret anda xpnah brubah ye lala..hahah) yg sodap..ktrg pon skli lg tpkse naek public transport yg sengal nk ke parkson..ak kne tmn si lala ni nk bli baju puteh bwat kawad ntok asean nnti..caya la lala...hahha

aleh2 sdar da kol 3 lebeh..aisey..ak da kne blk ni..xsggop ak nek txi mmlm nnti..tmbh pnat lg..b4 blk snggah jap kt satu kdai donut..empire of donut klo xslh..singapore nye..xbyk pilihan sgt soh ak amek je la ape yg ak rse sdp time tuh..'chocolate with almond' if im not mistaken..makan2 je emmm..okeh le tpi srius xleh lwn donut big apple yg chocolate alien kot nme die..yg ak sllu psn kt iman ari sabtu..perghh..2 mmg masyuk..

kami pon nek la txi then anta mkcik tuh dlu kt kolej alamanda die tuh..then ak pon ke mid..hu2..saat tuh ak da trse kesedehan...ishk..bkn xleh jmpe lg..tpi ak xtau nape..hu2

slsai tuh g la ak ke komuter nk s.alam..syukur xsesak cam aritu..tahap impit2 cam sadin dalm tin..isk2..kne bdri je la dri kl sntral to s.alam..smpi je s.alm ak nek txi ke kolej akasia ak lak..

soh b'akhirlah satu episod khdpn ak yg bnme 'a so called reunion'..hahah..

2 Zack..ak sgt tharu ngn prbhn anda..ble la ak akn brubah jdk alim camtu..insyaAllah..papepon sgt gmbre jmpe anda..

kpd lala..makaseh bbyk..spnjg due ari satu mlm ak kt sne sume u byr..frm mcd,bas,txi,roti breakfast ak,lunch,duet txi lg,donut...huk2..seseungguhnye sy amat btrme kaseh...dtg s.alam my treat lak kayh..(soh kne la dtg mksdnye) now back in s.alam..
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