Sunday, December 14, 2008

twilight fever

dats my current mood now. to quote from bella ," im unconditionally and irrevocably "addicted with this movie..darn it was damn good!i read the novel halfway b4 actually watching it..n dats how i figured out that its a must-see..i watched the muvie on the premiere itself( da day when my fellow ausmatians were acteli bz attending the grand dinner ..heh =p)..n now so far ive watched the muvie on cinema for 3 times alredi...reading some reviews of the muvie, its true dat the muvie was not as expected..a few of scenes did not match those mentioned in the novel..n some even said that in only involves wooden acting and awful-script, hey dats mean.but a diehard fan girl of edward cullen aka robert pattinson, i never care bout the flaws of the muvie,in fact i didnt notice the at also in love with the soundtrack n scores used in this movie..this is 1st time ever i acteli downloaded the whole soundtrack n score album of a muvie( wif exception of hindi..heh)..well overall for me..the best scene was the baseball game..they should have make it longer though..ladies!theres not only one eyecandy, in fact theres a bunch of them(well at least more than one)..besides edward, u shouldnt have missed the charismatic dr cullen n the weird but cute jasper hale..simply said,these vamp-hunks
have 'biten' me.

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