Thursday, December 25, 2008

getting over,dropout,edward,india,locals,hk,pramugari

Alhamdulillah. Ive gotten over not being able to fly. (not really, but somehow im now able to enjoy laughter and jokes etc after like a wik of emo-ing).not flying is sad (although I previously had my parents came to intec somewhere during the 3rd sem asking pn saadah to let me quit). My parents esp mama tried hard enough comforting me whatsoever but the moment mama said something like this “ u shouldn’t be crying like this now.i thought this is what u want when u told me u wanna quit b4”..

Tros..i realized..ya, dis is acteli what I wanted all the tears, disappointment, etc 4? u shud acteli enjoying ur lyf now,happily in Malaysia tanah tumpah darahku(according to the me, then). Bukannye dok blaming urself n keep telling dba u r stupid, useless, etc(isk2 anak sape la ni)..well lala if I u read this, this is acteli the reason for my long silence.

That’s how I slowly recovered(sounds like im suffering from some kind of fatal illness plak..=p) and started to be me again..still, its hard to acteli forget the fact that u r a loser or dropout or wuteva people (or I myself) might call I am (if mama tau I call myself like this, she’ll be upset,,again)..tapi i believe time heals everything(mama 2008)..n Alhamdulillah grateful for having such supportive parents esp mama..well,she’d prefer me to study locally,in fact she was happy at the day I dapat that stupid result.

N also, finally…I found my Edward.yup talking bout that hot Edward Cullen is of the vampire-boy…..extremely cute! He appeared at the rite time which was when I dok emo dapat result so grateful for his presence..thank u Edward..n I sriusly love u so much! N of cos to show my gratitude, here’s a compile of Edward’s pics…isn’t he adorable??????????

My options after plan A failed..well, 1st is india..according to cik fauzana she’ll try to somehow squeeze me in, but no promises. But sriusly, after a while, I lose d interest of flying. Imean furthering study abroad. Maybe im destined to be here…lagipon mama promises to bring me abroad someday..lagi best g abroad for vacation.xtensen(mama 2008).this seems possible as abah n ti will be going to hong kong nxt month.n my turn might be next.well im just keeping my fingers crossed..xD

The 2nd one is..either uitm or uia. Majoring in bachelor of pharmacy. Im working for it at the moment..browsing tru the net searching for information hopes for ipts as jpa are not sponsoring pharmacy students there,and although I do not prefer uia to continue my study there(as we do not match together =p) but I have to accept klo2 I am placed there. Allah lebih mengetahui.=) n if I failed again to be placed at both unis, then only my sponsorship would be terminated (fauzana 2008).

Alhamdulillah sekali lagi cos my parents do not mind paying for uni fees klo my sponsorship is terminated..but I sriusly would ask them to apply for ptptn. That would be better. In this case, that means I would be doing diplomas or tesl programme. I don’t really mind, as long as my parents don’t mind.

Hk trip. My father n sis are going to hk for a 5day trip.sempene ti abes spm. They’ll be going to Disneyland man..thats what im fond of. The rest would be fine 4me..n ti,im sriusly jeles of u.

Speaking of my sister, she finished her spm alredi n now started finding informations on what courses she wanna do..well dats not what I wanna highlite here.the one is the fact that shes gonna apply for a job as an air stewardess of mas.darn it! That was the dream job for both of us during our childhood! N she’s the one whos having the opportunity..this is why I truly hate her at the moment..(talking bout sister’s rivalry)our parents approved her decision and now they are busy making her well-prepared for the interview.still a long way to go, though..she needs her spm qualifications first kot..huhu..and when my mama told me to apply as well, I was like mama…diba ni rendah kot. Xmcam fatihah. xsheshuai la.Min height nak apply is 157cm..n I am just……….. (bkan dirahsiekan..but I sriusly donno my actual height ..hahaha) well I just think this way, my rezeki is not at flying..hahah(talking bout studying abroad n being an AIR stewardess).. n ti, im DEADLY jeles of u.

Wow, I just realized that this is sriusly a long post..xpela..da lame xtulis blog..

Sunday, December 14, 2008

penantian itu suatu penyeksaan

siyesly i hate much!im dying alredi..when will this end?soon farah soon..then u can breathe easy..days passing by..ill just hope all these will end by monday..cant bear anymore..

i sounded like some desperado isnt it?hah..get me wrong no plz(whats wif this eng??)
fellow sure u guys feel the same way as i do

gud luck anyways

twilight fever

dats my current mood now. to quote from bella ," im unconditionally and irrevocably "addicted with this movie..darn it was damn good!i read the novel halfway b4 actually watching it..n dats how i figured out that its a must-see..i watched the muvie on the premiere itself( da day when my fellow ausmatians were acteli bz attending the grand dinner ..heh =p)..n now so far ive watched the muvie on cinema for 3 times alredi...reading some reviews of the muvie, its true dat the muvie was not as expected..a few of scenes did not match those mentioned in the novel..n some even said that in only involves wooden acting and awful-script, hey dats mean.but a diehard fan girl of edward cullen aka robert pattinson, i never care bout the flaws of the muvie,in fact i didnt notice the at also in love with the soundtrack n scores used in this movie..this is 1st time ever i acteli downloaded the whole soundtrack n score album of a muvie( wif exception of hindi..heh)..well overall for me..the best scene was the baseball game..they should have make it longer though..ladies!theres not only one eyecandy, in fact theres a bunch of them(well at least more than one)..besides edward, u shouldnt have missed the charismatic dr cullen n the weird but cute jasper hale..simply said,these vamp-hunks
have 'biten' me.
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