Sunday, May 31, 2009

first time selak skirt


aku tau aku tak baik mana
tapi siyes..

tulah perkataan first kuar dari mulut aku.
bila aku tengok ayat ni kat trafik blog aku kat feedjit

alhamdulillah sekarang takde. ni jadi masa mula-mula aku pasang feedjit dulu

saje random : yang peliknya, aku tak jumpa sepatah haram pun benda yang sewaktu dengannya
kat blog nih...pelik bin ajaib bin takjub bin ya rabbi ntah pape! orang yang google tuh mesti menyumpah blog ni...pasal memang takde..hahahaha

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

aku ni over kan?

aku rindu gila kat encik 1 ni
eventhough dia nun jauh di mata
tapi aku rase dekat di hati ni hah
dah agak lame aku abaikan die
sejak encik 2 ini pulak mula aktif menggiatkan
dirinya tahun ni men'tekel' aku
manakale die pulak agak sepi berbanding tahun lepas
dan pastu datang jugak encik satu lagi ni, encik 3.. sukses gak tekel aku..
isk2..die masih tetap sepi,,,

dan tetibe tanpa aral melintang menegak,
takde ribut taufan hatta tsunami
aku mimpikan encik 1, 3 ari lepas
waaaa tak penah pon mimpi die b4 ni weh
sungguh aku cakap aku rindu die

aku ni gila over kan?

saje random : i miss him so much that i listened to 'mirotic' and watched its MV over and over again.
love at the first sight, works till now..

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my yahoo mail kena hack!! tolong !

i noticed this like a week ago
my yahoo mail is now welcoming JAYDA.

yes u heard me. Jayda.

notice that Hello, Jayda! instead of Hello, Farah!

WheresTheHouse??!! <--- as in WTH
squeeze me, i am born farah not jayda or what..
and what's with the pic??
that's so not me..
seriously, i'm no blonde.i'm brunette..
heh xD

and another one... i noticed this at someone's 'mybloglog'

notice that CoolBabeBrat ??? that's me??!!
omg i would never describe myself like that
anything like CoolBabeBrat or HotSmokin'Chic or AwekCunBergetah
so not me lol

WheresTheHouse ntah..

what's wrong with my yahoo account??
do u think someone hacked it?? or whatever???

help! suggestions or comments welcomed..

♥terima kasih♥
♥thank you♥

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Friday, May 29, 2009

more hollywood updates~~

i picked only the celebs i'm interested with..
so if u're looking for stories bout nicole kidman, kate hudson (oh so random!) etc
they're not in the list
sorry to disappoint u

robert patzy is prescribing us another dose of hotness..

this pic was snapped when he's in Italy filming the Twilight sequel, New Moon.
he's given me another reason not to fear vampires, first being the fact that he's vegetarian (xP)
and now that i realised, he 'BITES' me so painlessly and without even any physical scars lol..


ok. enough hotness...
moving on with rihanna-brown updates~~

rihanna is said to appear and maybe testify at CB's next hearing in LA on 22June.

according to her attorney, when asked as for how Rihanna's holding up through all of this, the attorney says things are good in the singer's world. "She is doing fine. She is continuing with her career and moving on with her life and doing great."

hmmm...yup she's moved on peeps. refer to this

i'm just glad she's finally decided to speak up and stand for her rights..
u go girl!

story and pics:credits to IVillage

saje random : rihanna2 are u really coming to malaysia??? *waiting*

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nuffnang taught me something valuable

especially in this time of global economy crisis

those valuable lessons are :

1. appreciate every cent u earned/ have
- i joined nuffnang community just 2 weeks ago
and so far, i've earned RM 2.25. it may look small but that sure is a BIG amount for me.
(as in beginners)

2. work your ass off to gain money
- no pain no gain lah. i'm lucky i still have a month of holidays,
which means frequent updates!!(that's a lot of work)

thank u nuffnang. =D

pics credit : uknown.aman

saje random : please support me by clicking on the ads. just a simple click.

♥terima kasih♥
♥thank you♥

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my life would suck without u -kelly clarkson

Thursday, May 28, 2009

the unfinished dream

i dreamed of meeting someone very special last 2 days.

i never really care bout my stupid dreams before(i do at times),
but this one..


phir mi langae.
i really want to.


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jumpa jugak cinte kedua ku itu..

it's hrithik loh.

my first love was SRK..hehe

photo credits to hrithikrules

omg so long after his absence, i finally managed to track him down!hahah..exaggerating much =D

he was recently spotted in Cannes Film Festival ( along with paris hilton, rob patzy and other hollywood celebs lol) to promote his upcoming film,Kites for international market.

Kites is his first international collaboration, together with mexican beauty barbara mori (malaysians, u saw her in tv3's hit telenovela, Rubi). other bollywood celebs who came up with such collaborations before were aishwarya rai , salman khan ( with ali larter in marigold),etc..

just a bit spoiler, the film focuses on the two main leads (roshan and mori respectively)whom, despite having language barrier-mori only speaks spanish so he speaks to her in hindi , end up falling in love with each other.

interesting plot i must say..the premieres would be on this diwali, so i seriously can't wait~~

check out a few stills from the movie..

pics credit to hrithikrules

can't wait.can't wait.can't wait. i hope my industan wayang buddy can accompany me again this time, kan lala??hehe

saje random : he's still so charming as ever.period. and guess what?? he sang his debut song, in English for this film..can't wait again for it! weee..

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

i won't pay to kiss him

but i would definitely kiss his alter ego

who am i talking about?

yep, it's robert pattinson.

' Would you shell out $55,000?

That's what someone paid to kiss Robert Pattinson at the amfAR Cinema Against AIDS 2009 benefit auction Thursday night in Cannes.

Director Harvey Weinstein put the Twilight star's cheek up for grabs and a very generous parent put up the cash for their daughter's one second of heaven.

"There were two bidders who paid 20,000 euros each for their daughters to have that kiss."

"Harvey put him on the spot, in a playful way," the source said. "And Rob agreed to it in his usual brooding, modest way."

So, those lips took in $110,000 -- for two cheek kisses!! Dude, he is hot, but if I'm showing that kind of cash, I want lip-to-lip contact. AT LEAST! '

credits to IVillage for the article and pic

u know what, i won't pay that much (as if i got money =p) for a kiss with rob patzy, but won't have a second thought if it's edward cullen.

rob patzy is hot but the charm works better for me when he's out there hunting for blood, jumping here and there, with that pale face..

hmmm...that's more like it..hahah

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something's bothering our zac

just look at him..

how miserable he was in these pics, don't u think so??
these were taken on sunday afternoon in santa monica
i feel like getting myself into his lap and let him shed tears onto my shoulders..

credits to perez hilton for the story and pics

saje random : i heard rumors that he's breaking up with vanessa that true? can someone clear it up for me?

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jaejoong got the best face, even guys admit it

The Korean heartthrob from "Winter Sonata', Bae Yong Joon declined the "Best Face In Asia and South Korea" award and offered to Youngwoong Jaejoong instead, claiming that the DBSK sweetheart deserves it more. According to BYJ, the best face "should always look handsome whenever you look at them, always look cute, always look pretty, to be chic and always look good." Others who were in the run for this award include members from Super Junior, SS501, Shinhwa, 2pm and SHINee.

story credits to korea precious

congrats jaejoong oppa. may your good looks lasts forever..i never get bored staring at that cute face <--- as claimed by some crazy fangirls..hahah

saje random :can't wait to see 'heaven's postman'..i wonder if there's any handsome postman as handsome as jaejoong oppa at my neighbourhood..hmmm

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a change in my future career,maybe

eventhough tajuk dia omputih tapi i was
hesitant to complete this post entirely in english.

this is why...

someone gave me a compliment on how good my english is.
and asked whether i'm interested or not in becoming a TESL graduate
and then,an english teacher.

i was shocked at first..tak rasa pun english saye sebagus mana.

tapi saya senyap je and left the question unanswered.

kadang2 terfikir jugak, sebab dari sekolah lagi i realised my
potential in languages. i took french and alhamdulillah, i was one of the
best students dalam kelas perancis tuh.

kat sekolah jugak, saya termasuk dalam SET A untuk kelas english.
saya teringat ada seorang kawan masa form 1 yang tiru saya dlm kelas english.
hehehe lawak2
alhamdulillah. bahasa melayu saya pun ok jugak.

ok cakap pasal english ni, i admit my writing is far better than my speaking.
hahaha... u hear i speak first lah..macam orang pelat.hehe
cikgu cakap i need to break the ice and also speak up more.
and also improve vocab..hahaha
even my father told me the exact thing .

bila fikir balik, mungkin prospect and future saya akan lagi cerah kat malaysia
ni sebab cikgu english, sains and maths sikit and senang dapat kerja.
paham2 la dalam keadaan ekonomi dunie yang unstable ni, working
with the government is more secured. (from my point of view-lah)


i donno. it's too late for a change right now.
like it or not,i still need to walk on the path i've paved before,
right at the beginning of my miserable years in intec(taking pharmacy)

o god enlighten me please

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Monday, May 25, 2009


kepada cik ciknad sebab berjaya dapat placement kat UIA.

bila surat saya nak sampai ni??

Jun Pyo chibiYi Jeong chibi

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