Monday, May 25, 2009

ooopss! PARIS did it again

yes she did it again...after the infamous sex tape scandal, we thought that enough is enough already.

it seemed that this heiress just can't get enough of PDS(public display scandal) yet

check out the link below for detailed story and pic(!!) too

paris's public sex tape : wake us when rob's around

i kinda reluctant to post up this story here.
my 'girl-next-door' image could be at risk...
hahahahah =D

Jun Pyo chibi Yi Jeong chibi

current mood : tired.gif tired....just finished cooking maa..


Dosz said...

haha dia tu mmg x henti2 cari pasal

square said...

lol. pergh lagi sekali... sudah sudah la thuh

tiha. said...

wutever paris~
I strted to hate her now~

faradeeba said...

dosz & square: tau xpe..pakar capub le katekan..hehe

tiha : emmm..i hate to admit it..i still ike her though..hhoho

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