Tuesday, May 12, 2009

'beauty and the beast ' does exist in reality

whom am i referring to?

definitely my favorite german supermodel HEIDI KLUM
with fellow spouse, the british singer SEAL.

if any of u are wondering "why the beast?","is she really is that pretty?"
well come and a look at those pics below

the couple has recently renewed their vows in Malibu,only a day before their wedding anniversary. The lovey-dovey couple is currently expecting a baby girl, definitely the so-much-awaited-and-blessed-pregnancy for them after the two boys.

i must say, they're too cute. =)

and just like in the fairy tale, i hope they'll live a happily ever after ending..

Jun Pyo chibi Yi Jeong chibi

current mood :okay.gif okay

current music : something happened to my heart-A&T(BOF OST)


tiha. said...

beauty and the beast!
I really22 respect Heidi Klum

faradeeba said...

tiha: i luv her.lol
we both know that

tiha. said...

I love her more!

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