Saturday, May 23, 2009

rihanna's newfound love

yeay! rihanna is finally putting chris brown and her dark past behind her as she was recently spotted getting cozy with a Canadian hip-hop artist Aubrey "Drake" Graham somewhere in NYC. According to a source, she was seen really happy and both of them are having a great time, stealing kisses and hugs here and there the whole night.

story and pics : IVillage

i dont care with whom she's dating now, i just hope she's getting someone who worships her and treats her like a true princess..she's a "pop" princess after all..

boooo chris brown....................
yeay aubrey graham.......


SkinCareLib said...

wow, thats fast.
I dont know whats up with that CB already. hmm ..

faradeeba said...

skincarelib : yeah..super fast isnt it? gth with CB..

hahah..i really hate him.i just donno why..

but u know, i recently browsed through a magazine(can't recall the name) and there were pics of rihanna and some guy holding hands at the beach..

definitely not CB or this aubrey guy neither..


tiha. said...

happy for her although he doesn't look any cooler than CB.
well,I used to be his fan though

faradeeba said...

tiha : i think u still are what??
it's ok lah..dont be his fan anymore..
he'll abuse u one day nti..hahha

faradeeba said...

ohya thanks for visiting my blog, come often.. =)

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