Friday, May 15, 2009

in hope for dreams come true? here's how

having a desire for a place called home in india?okayh maybe not a really good one.
in malibu maybe?or new caledonia?

been fantasizing of dating (or settling down) with the man of your dream?

dying for a job which pays the money earned per year by the amazing Johnny Depp?
okay maybe a quarter is way enough already LOL

constantly dreaming of that gorgeous gladiators or stylish,victorian-like gown
worn by deepika padukone in OM SHANTI OM? oopsss sori.these are mine. =p

then we should all try this method. the 'VISUAL BOARD'
or also called 'Wish Board' and 'Dream Board'

i watched the oprah winfrey show one day and it happened that
they were discussing on this topic.i found it very interesting which in the end,
end up sharing it here.

this simple yet effective method needs us to prepare
a plain board. then, just paste onto it, all sorts of pics/newspaper or magazine cutting/any sorts of visual-like stuff related to your wishes,dreams,desires,hopes,fantasies,mimpi di siang hari,harapan(sambil nyanyi lagu fazli zainal),etc...

u don't have to do it systematically. to paste the pics accordingly-not necessary unless u are david beckham. eh salah. unless u have david beckham's phobia.

in the show, a few people shared their success stories after practising this method.lemme share a few ;

testimonial 1 : i hated my house before, and hoping to settle down in BLA3. so i pasted a pic of the place onto my vision board. after quite some time, guess where i moved to? it's BLA3...and guess what? i also married the guy with almost the same face with my dream guy i've pictured on the board
( this one is really a WOW. just imagine, it's like u've known and figured out whom your future spouse is )

testimonial 2 : i've always wanted to write a book. so i drew a small pic of my dream book, pasted it onto my board.besides , i am also a big fan of oprah. that's why i have her big pic on my board. somehow now i finally succeeded in publishing my first and very own book and had it reviewed on the oprah show. got a book and met face to face with oprah (another so very interesting story)

-the testimonials above are BASED on true stories.but of course, i wrote the testimonials myself.

another thing is, this board is to be put at any corners visible to the public. not really to the public, but it must be somewhere where u can peek-a-boo at it every day. by looking at the board everyday, the 'law of attraction' is applied here. the more u want it, the more u think about it, the more likely u're gonna get it.

i personally haven't tried it yet. but i will, one fine day.
u guys should give it a shot too.
who knows??

and yes, almost forget. the woman behind this board-thingy(the creator i mean) also claimed that we should not keep our dreams and hopes to only ourselves. it's important to let the people around u know about your dreams as they also play an important role in achieving it, directly or otherwise

2 scenarios :

indirectly - minah(bukan nama sebenar) revealed her dreams of marrying a rich guy someday becoming a pharmacist to her parents. her parents later pray to the almighty for her success etc. alhamdulillah, she's now operating 3 branches of guardian pharmacy.

directly - cik mek molek (bukan nama sebenar) told her boyfriend that she always wanted a pair of gladiator heels. the next day, instead of a pair, she received a dozen of them. guess from who? lu pikirlah sendrik

so it means no harm for me to reveal a few of my dreams here,right?

fyi,this pic above is SEOUL.

and the list goes on and on..

i got a good news. this post ends here.

Jun Pyo chibi Yi Jeong chibi

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tiha. said...

alaa..xwat2 pon kat dinding or cermin umah tuh.
ckp je lebey.

faradeeba said...

tiha : memang la..i've stated in my post aledi wut..
i havent tried it yet..
cmne nak try??
printer umah kite da ade limitations la......

at least the other method tuh akak slalu apply..smpi mu pon bosan dga kan..


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