Tuesday, May 26, 2009

a change in my future career,maybe

eventhough tajuk dia omputih tapi i was
hesitant to complete this post entirely in english.

this is why...

someone gave me a compliment on how good my english is.
and asked whether i'm interested or not in becoming a TESL graduate
and then,an english teacher.

i was shocked at first..tak rasa pun english saye sebagus mana.

tapi saya senyap je and left the question unanswered.

kadang2 terfikir jugak, sebab dari sekolah lagi i realised my
potential in languages. i took french and alhamdulillah, i was one of the
best students dalam kelas perancis tuh.

kat sekolah jugak, saya termasuk dalam SET A untuk kelas english.
saya teringat ada seorang kawan masa form 1 yang tiru saya dlm kelas english.
hehehe lawak2
alhamdulillah. bahasa melayu saya pun ok jugak.

ok cakap pasal english ni, i admit my writing is far better than my speaking.
hahaha... u hear i speak first lah..macam orang pelat.hehe
cikgu cakap i need to break the ice and also speak up more.
and also improve vocab..hahaha
even my father told me the exact thing .

bila fikir balik, mungkin prospect and future saya akan lagi cerah kat malaysia
ni sebab cikgu english, sains and maths sikit and senang dapat kerja.
paham2 la dalam keadaan ekonomi dunie yang unstable ni, working
with the government is more secured. (from my point of view-lah)


i donno. it's too late for a change right now.
like it or not,i still need to walk on the path i've paved before,
right at the beginning of my miserable years in intec(taking pharmacy)

o god enlighten me please

Jun Pyo chibi Yi Jeong chibi

current mood :thoughtful.gif thoughtful

current music : a lil too not over u-david archuleta


earth angel said...

sweety, ur english mmg superb and make sure u make a good decision and select what can brings u up more into any perticular area!
kalau u jd cikgu-then lecturer(buat mster kat oversea bwk fam!!)..oh!!i loike ok.
sorry overreacted.heheh

love.love u!

faradeeba said...

izi : overreacted is always allowed wif me izi..hehe

thank u. yup memang tengah pikir2 gak nih..tapi most probably stick
gak kot kat pharmacy nih..

tgk lah cmne..

love u too =)
take cre

square said...

your english is superb. follow your heart.

faradeeba said...

square : thanks a lot.
for both,compliment and advice =)

do drop by next time

tiha. said...

ala,c'mon your eng is undeniable awesome lol!

eiyt,sape yg offer u tesl tuh??

faradeeba said...

tha : nope. bukan offer placement tesl ape ekh..

that person just complimented me.

and gave that suggestion.
thats all

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