Monday, May 11, 2009

my IN-thing

i am feeling so horribly,terribly bored right now
and seriously not in the mood for bed too
(silly! i'm not sleepy that's why)
so suddenly i feel like listing down
my in-thing~~
what i mean is all my currently favourite stuff
food i suddenly developed an interest with,
songs i'm currently crazy with,
tv shows i waited all day to watch
and yes, when i mean currently,
i meant me,myself and i
NOT that thing
(meaning in present, i can develop a crush over something from the past,old,veteran.
in bahasa melayu, we call it lembab.bahase omputeh simple kire slow la)

1. my in-songs/music
- decode(paramore)
-dead and gone(TI feat JT)
-dont trust me(3OH!3)
-boys over fllowers OSTs(too many to list down)
-extreme(lee min ho)
-heartquake(super junior)
-my life would suck without u(kelly clarkson)
-cuba(faizal tahir)
-pemain cinta(ada band)
-poker face(lady gaga)
-aur mohabbat hai(main prem ki diwani hoon)
-maar dala(devdas)
-dhola re dhola(devdas)
-kasam ki kasam(main prem ki diwani hoon)
-ku impikan bintang(sean ghazi)
-i'm stupid aoustic version(hyun joong)

2. my in-tv shows
-BOF!!of cos
-meteor garden
-the biggest loser
-CSI series
-music factory(astro
-the nanny
-project runway
-america's next top model
-janice dickinson modelling agency
-the oprah winfrey show
*too bad i dont subscribe to E!, MTV etc or else the list would be much longer~~~

and suddenly my taste buds are craving for these

3. my in-food
-dunkin donut( simply cos minho oppa is the spokesperson..hehe)
-ayam goreng KFC
-ayam penyet

4. my in-drink
-hot honey lemon tea(slurrpp) in-movies
-xmen origins:wolverine
-bohsia jangan pilih jalan hitam in-fashion
-baju labuh paras paha tutup punggung

well they managed to keep my heart in theirs recently
* in addition to johnny depp,hugh jackman,
josh duhamel,hrithik roshan, sharukh, dbsk oppas,si won oppa,aaron aziz,
fahrin ahmad..pergh nak sebut sume tuh in-LOVe (=p)
-lee min ho/gu jun pyo
-kim beom/so yi jeong
-the other 2 kkotboda namja
-aril,akim af7(hehehe..jangan mara)
-marc nelson(the duke co-host) in-singers
-lee min ho

8. my in-websites
-utube(dulu tak selalu bukak tau)
-beauty and health blogs
-korean stuff forums and blogs
-any websites/blogs in connection with 'cara-cara menjadi pelajar cemerlang'
(i'm going to uni in 2 months time people..kenalah sedar diri sket..hoho)

it's 2 am now so better off to bed.
gud nite world~~

current mood: sleepy.gif sleepy already

current music : violin-playing music

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