Sunday, May 17, 2009

cop ONset, crook OFFset

onset, he's a police detective.chasing after bad guys.
a pride of PDRM(Polis Diraja Malaysia)

offset, he's a caught for stealing in MPH bookstore.
a shame for Gerak Khas(malaysia's police tv series) .

in fact, it's another shame, after the norman hakim's 'khalwat'(close-proximity) case.

who's he?

photo courtesy from sinemamalaysia

farid amirul/detective lim was caught stealing two books from MPH, Mid Valley last march.
the two books were The Sistine Secrets worth RM89.90 and Decoding The Heavens worth RM105. He pleaded guilty to the offence when he was first charged, however during the sentencing he had decided to changed his plea.

source of story : NST

no matter how great u are ONset, u are just an ordinary,imperfect person who still does mistake OFFset.but not too far peeps, even for good purposes though..

saje random: all csi fans, don't u think his case is somehow familiar with warrick brown(played by gary dourdan) who's a crime lab staff onset but a druggie offset.. pity~~

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