Thursday, May 7, 2009

BOF chibis to share with

i've discovered these amazing chibis of boys over flower(BOF) characters
to be shared with fellow BOF fans over here.
seriously these chibis are damn cute =D

and kinda realistic too. i mean they quite resemble the
looks of each characters. JI HOO especially. siyes sebijik wa cakap lu

Photobucket Gu Jun Pyo

Photobucket Geum Jan Di

Ji Hoo Yu Ji Hoo

Yi Jeong So Yi Jeong

Woo Bin Song Woo Bin

and since i LOVE Gu Jun Pyo and So Yi Jeong so much, i've decided to put the cute
chibis of them on each of my post, starting from the next one onwards.

current mood : working.gif working on mom's report

current music : something happened to my heart- A&T (BOF OST 2)


nad said...

oh shit. you have lj acc now? and you didn't even tell? what's with dbsk's moodthemes? heck i'm pissed you got one. shit shit shit. hahahaha.
sorry for the curse. i hate you. hhahahaha.

i hate you for real.

and for the record, i'm sick of bof now. seriously, naik myampah. overrated kot. i'm sorry for the hate. ahahahahahah

t.i.h.a.m.e said...

u took the bof chibis!
from me!!

and u cepat2 masuk lam your blog b4 I smpat wat.


faradeeba said...

nad : Ij?ape tuh?sori blur..dbsk is always,forever with me even i am kinda in an off-relationship with those boys, at least kene la tunjukkan saye maseh sayang diorng..okeh??hehe

pasal BOF, me times...but ape pon sebab f4 la saye tahan nengok..hoho

tiha : okeh..sorrriii..lupe kredit u. hahahaha

sape cepat die dapat lerh.. =p

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