Wednesday, May 27, 2009

i won't pay to kiss him

but i would definitely kiss his alter ego

who am i talking about?

yep, it's robert pattinson.

' Would you shell out $55,000?

That's what someone paid to kiss Robert Pattinson at the amfAR Cinema Against AIDS 2009 benefit auction Thursday night in Cannes.

Director Harvey Weinstein put the Twilight star's cheek up for grabs and a very generous parent put up the cash for their daughter's one second of heaven.

"There were two bidders who paid 20,000 euros each for their daughters to have that kiss."

"Harvey put him on the spot, in a playful way," the source said. "And Rob agreed to it in his usual brooding, modest way."

So, those lips took in $110,000 -- for two cheek kisses!! Dude, he is hot, but if I'm showing that kind of cash, I want lip-to-lip contact. AT LEAST! '

credits to IVillage for the article and pic

u know what, i won't pay that much (as if i got money =p) for a kiss with rob patzy, but won't have a second thought if it's edward cullen.

rob patzy is hot but the charm works better for me when he's out there hunting for blood, jumping here and there, with that pale face..

hmmm...that's more like it..hahah

Jun Pyo chibi Yi Jeong chibi

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White Square said...

that is one expensive kiss.

faradeeba said...

white square : yes it is...
those who paid sure are die-hard fans.

but i kinda agree wif the article though, that expensive for a tiny peck on the cheek..they should be getting more lol


White Square said...

lol, what do are you expecting for 20k pound? hahahaa *grins*

faradeeba said...

white square: oh..i forgot. he's HOLLYWOOD celeb, not just some ordinary guy xD

Anonymous said...

tQ... exam 3 minggu lagi...
farah nti smbung mana?
farah, tambah la ruangan htr mesej kat blog ni... <<====== suggestion...

faradeeba said...

amir : welcomed..hehe
smbg mne nti saye bgtau..

oh insyaAllah ltak nti..


Titanium said...

hey. thanks for visiting my blog. the song is really nice. haha. thats why i posted it on my blog. :)

faradeeba said...

titanium : yes it sure is..
i want nobody nobody but u..



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