Friday, March 26, 2010

Super Show 2 (pics)

i know it's kinda late to be posting on this right now
but.who cares?

so apparently last saturday ciknad and me went to Super Junior's first ever live concert (Super Show 2) to be held in malaysia..

overall review: A +++++++.
full satisfaction. mutu keuggulan. ;D

everything was perfect, maybe except that i was not really satisfied with my position at the rock pitt..true, i was at the front row, but that stupid confetti thingy had somehow created
a HUGE gap between the stage and me. ok so so huge-lah, i can still embrace the cuteness, hotness and dorkiness of the boys especially those who performed right in front me ( love u siwon, kyuhyun, shindong, yesung) but i cant touch them! i seriously have wished i could somehow shake hands with any of the boys but damnit! the confetti had come between us..luckily, i had this our-eyes-met moments with omg kyuhyun and least.

see that red arrow pointing to a banner there?that was ciknad's banner,and
i was right beside the right...
very at the front row.but that confetti-thingy has drawn borders between us and them..

indonesian fans whom were keen on taking pictures
with ciknad's banner. oh btw the banner read 'donghae jjang'
meaning 'donghae the best'..ciknad's the donghae die-hard wife fan

strolling around taking random pics..i did look super-chubby here
but i dont' know.still loving this pic

with the banner dedicated from us ELFs to the dear boys..

we were holding the banner backwards..haha.we didn't notice.did u?

with my former ssp-colleagues. nina, fannie, meen, chubby minah ;p
oh thanks so much 4 the tickets fannie dear..

rock pitt B bebeh..nearly half 1k spent on this.
so broke, yet sooooooo loving it

prior entering, we had to line up and seriously if were sooo goody-goody
lining up accordingly, starting from the back cos
actually the line up was sooo long already,
we would never have gotten the first row bebeh.
in fact, i was still not so very satisfied with my position that day.
say yes to survival! lots of pushing, and 'excuse me-i'm-soo-cutting-the-line'
technique worked wonders ok..

finally, after an hour waiting, the concert began. during the one hour period,
opening performances from 2 local talents ( a chinese idol group and a malay singer) kind of
ease the tension.
the performances were great but still, could not be compared with suju lah kan of course

hehe..such a sexy bug ;p

it was sad that i did not have clear pics of this favorite member of mine, choi siwon.
i dont know what went wrong..poor me.
but im telling u. he is sooooooooooooooooooooooo handsome.
he is so handsome in pics but even more handsome in real life.
even ciknad agreed. he was kinda in front of us in their opening performance
both of us looked at each other
'omg handsome-nye siwon'
our eyes widened in embracing this
live work of art.
too hot too handle.

this was the moment when the leader, leeteuk shed tears.
he must have been so touched with the love from malaysia's elf,
considering that this is their first time here..hehe
so proud

during 'Sorry Sorry'.
omg siwon's the hottest. one-button jacket suited his chocolate abs well

suju performing Chu from f(x).
ok but i was expecting Gee

heechul was like an ahjumma.seriously

siwon and heechul runwalking..
ok it isnt a clear one but whatever-le

it was easy snapping this guys's pic as he did not move much.
most of his pics are good.unlike siwon and donghae who moved around just too much
op did i mention? our eyes met.teeehee
o yes i did mention.

see that? those at the rock pitt in front of us were sooooo close with them
that he could shake hands with them
eeeeiii so envy!! we paid the same money laaaaaaaaaa

hi handsome :D

hye again hottie ;p

at the end of the show.
see, even my pic with the pic of him is not clear..
what the?????????

the happy smile was fake.i was actually so frustated after leaving the show.
siwonnie y did u break my heart?
not even a single glance at me

lbnl, me with mira (ciknad's niece)
such a cute pie! so geram
i wanted to pinch her cheeks so badly
why the 70s effect?
she is so fair that we resemble
the pahang flag

a sad fact i know

more on super show will come.i will be posting the vids later.even the one that proved i was there..hehe

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