Saturday, December 5, 2009

my new moon review

i watched the highly anticipated new moon last monday with my lil bro.
we went there like soooo early (my mom got fed up of me babbling and bising
bout nanti sesak la, ramai sangat la bla3) so she sent us like 2 hours early from the
1st showtime(12pm)

cant blame me though..i didnt want to miss my cullen dear on cinema.
every single inch of him

well the truth is i am someone yang very excited.
tak kena tempat.

basically, when we arrived the cinema was not even opened yet.
so we took the time strolling around the mall, up till 11.45 am.

sampai2 trus bli tiket,popcorn,drinks and poof!
i RUSHED myself to the wayang.
with my bro of course ( i could swear to god that i almost
run! tak nak miss opening movie punya pasal.isk2)

and the review..
for me OKla cite die..
not really like what i expected.
well honestly for someone of team edward, the first half of the story
bored me, as it focused on jacob-bella relationship..
i've no hard feelings for jacob, it's just edward IS the attraction for me
in watching this twilight saga.

and my personal opinion, i think new moon also lacked of essence (orang melayu kata kurang OOmph)
in terms of romance (hehe ;p)
maybe it's bcos of the director( lelaki ni kureng jiwang sket) or
the plot of the novel itself(ok sue me! i havent even finished reading it)
as compared to twilight the film, i could seriously watch it over and over again
but for new moon, maybbe 2 or 3 times would be the limit..

the action scene especially between demetri or felix (can't recall their names) and edward was the best part of the film.
other scenes i enjoyed were 'jasper trying to attack bella', 'edward who memorized romeo's line' and yah, i likeee it edward said 'u go to hell.'

way to go man!

OVERALL : watchable, but i admit, kinda disappointing. still, i wont refuse if there's any chance to watch it at the cinema again.

current mood : tensen!xnak balik uia!
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