Monday, January 13, 2014

Self rant

Bile jmpe org baru..
Blom ape pon.cuma kenal aje
Hati xleh terima lg
Still tkenang yg lame.

Now solo lg
Xleh paksa.bukan lah paksa ni
Cuma ikot aje kawan kenen kan ngn member die
Jadi awkward plak klo xd ape2 plak kn
Doesnt matter
Xleh paksa bnda2 ni
Ak pon rase ak mcm kaku sket skg
Xbiase.nk start over ngn org lain

Hope time shall heal everything.make me forget what's needed to be forgotten

'once upon a time i was falling in love,now im only falling apart' #lyricscut

Congrats gk to this one guy yg brani,trus trang nk try sy time tgh emo tuh haha.nobody wants an emotionally damaged girl right.i even came clean that i wasnt ready at the time being..nways it was all in the past and wee  he's getting engaged glad and happy for jodoh xkemane gk u. . :))))

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