Friday, May 1, 2009

blame the hormones

the korean version of hana yori dango aka boys over flowers(BOF) aka kkotboda namja
has finally's sad! cos i wanna see more of the handsome gu jun pyo and the other f4 boys.

frankly, i'm not into watching soap-operas or dramas or what(but i were b4)
things go lightly and smooth-sailing at the beginning, then few conflicts appear
to spice things up but what happened if u put on too much flavors into your cooking?

i don't know actually but it definitely kills u.
(too much salt and ajinomoto not good for health what..)

but that's what happening in most dramas.
i like it at the beginning but the great impression doesn't last long.

that's why suave, charismatic, good-looking heros are needed.

thanks to the f4. they are the main reason i stick to BOF.
if not for these guys, emmm ok i might still watch BOF but with not much interest.
sekadar tengok je lah. lagipun jalan ceritanya sedap.

yup that's another reason i watch BOF.
cos it's the adaptation of hana yori dango manga.
the storyline or may i say ' the plot' is very(infinitix) interesting.
which was why i also finished watching the hana yori dango drama.
(seriously the japanese f4 are not eye-candies.for offence. =)

u know, each time i watched all the 3 versions(taiwan,korea,japan)
the berangan-side of me will always thought of the
possibility to settle down with a rich, cute guy who loves me
and only me forever..
just like the main character of this manga/drama



ok back to reality
after a quick slap at the face(of course!)
i realize it's just in the movies/dramas etc
the possibility for getting someone as perfect as the f4 boys
(particularly gu jun pyo/ dao ming shi / damyoji tsukasa)
is one in a trillion..

on a second thought
maybe, just maybe
that one in a trillion
is out there somewhere
hello u!!i'm here so dont go any farther kayh!!

mind me. i've just watched the final episode
of BOF so kinda in the-drama-queen mood..hhehe

plus the hormones
cant blame them rite.hikhik
it's up to u
should or should not blame them?

saje random : suka sangat ga eul and yi jeong sunbae together. he indirectly confessed to her before flying off to sweden. so sweeeettt (reminder ! still in the-drama-queen mood)

current mood : melancholy.gif melancholy..hikhik

current music : wish you're my love -tmax feat j (BOF OST 2)


Imafnzyrh said...
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Imafnzyrh said...

Hey Fara,
i just visited your blog
but unfortunately,your blog
didnt have a shoutbox,
korean fanss ! yeahhh :D
Thanks for said like that ~
We're GLAD
that we makes you happy when reading our blog so visit our blog often ! heheeh xD
terima kasih yeahh ! :D
kalau boleh shoutbox letak
biar sng that's my own opinion
hehe :p
So thankss !
LEE MIN HO'S cuteee xD but he's not cute,dia teramat hottt ! xD

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