Friday, May 29, 2009

more hollywood updates~~

i picked only the celebs i'm interested with..
so if u're looking for stories bout nicole kidman, kate hudson (oh so random!) etc
they're not in the list
sorry to disappoint u

robert patzy is prescribing us another dose of hotness..

this pic was snapped when he's in Italy filming the Twilight sequel, New Moon.
he's given me another reason not to fear vampires, first being the fact that he's vegetarian (xP)
and now that i realised, he 'BITES' me so painlessly and without even any physical scars lol..


ok. enough hotness...
moving on with rihanna-brown updates~~

rihanna is said to appear and maybe testify at CB's next hearing in LA on 22June.

according to her attorney, when asked as for how Rihanna's holding up through all of this, the attorney says things are good in the singer's world. "She is doing fine. She is continuing with her career and moving on with her life and doing great."

hmmm...yup she's moved on peeps. refer to this

i'm just glad she's finally decided to speak up and stand for her rights..
u go girl!

story and pics:credits to IVillage

saje random : rihanna2 are u really coming to malaysia??? *waiting*

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