Wednesday, February 11, 2009

aku masih waras

post ni khas kpd housemate2 ku dlu(ciknad,pya,iman) yg salu dok
mengusik cik farah ni gle sebab salu cakap sorang2..huhu

oopss. kantoi xp

but i know u guys were just playing around wit big deal..
tapi ntok pengetahuan am,this might be useful.its an article from my august 2006 edition
reader's digest entitled 'Are You Normal of Nuts?'

Q : I talk to myself all the time, and sometimes I even respond aloud to questions I mentally ask myslef. Is this a mild form of schizophrenia?

A :Not so long as u're the only one talking. If u hear voices that seem to come from outside urself n they tell u to do something stupid, lyke killing ur aunt margaret, drop this magazine n get to the hospital rite now. But regular old talking to urself is a normal human quirk. We rehearse what we'll say to someone we want to impress. we think up wittier replies 4that recent conversation in which we failed to impress, n sometimes, lyke u, we solve problems.

NASA consultant Wood says ure using a "think-aloud protocol". Studies show that students often perform tasks better if they think out loud. Psychologists would once ask test subjects to think aloud so that researchers could figure out how they were solving the probs. but time n again, they found that these subjects did the tasks better than those who remained silent. so long as u dont overdo it in public, keep up the conversation wif urself. its only helping (weed 2006).

hehe..xsangke bace RD's lame b4 tdo bjaye juge menjawab ketidaknormalan aku nih..
i'm normal people!!!yoohoo


Anonymous said...

wah farah normal!
aku lega mendengarnya (^_^)

karmila said...

ckap sorang itukah..
i taw u mmg normal..keh3

n d s v n t h said...

sekius me.
ko kene tunjuk surat doktor dulu baru aku caye.

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