Tuesday, June 23, 2009

saengil chukha hamnida min ho oppa

it was yesterday but i was friggin' busy shopping my uni-stuff.
that i forgot his birthday post..

so here i am, today..
wishing oppa a very happy belated birthday.
huuu cant say it in hangul. cos i just don't know the languange.
but i'm sure my sarang for him is far enough to compensate that.

lee min ho, or best known with the role as Gu Jun Pyo the F4 leader...

... is the cute and bubbly guy

..suave and charming
... sensitive and full of emotions

... with the sexy back,,heheh =p

...the bad guy image,with the black eyeliner around his eyes

... and my favorite pic of all, the ohmygod-so-handsome-with-the-straight-hair lee min ho

u are just so amazing.

current mood :hungry.gif hungreeee....

current music : gee-snsd


Anonymous said...

Which episode is it that gu jun pyo pouts like that

faradeeba said...

i believe that was the behind-the-scene photo..

i remember not seeing this pout in that particular episode

i cant recall the exact episode
but its the scene where jandi was beaten and bullied outside the school

tq 4 dropping by btw :)

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