Monday, June 1, 2009

Farah Vs for your favorite contestant now!

i self-realised this,
well maybe i'm just being conscious
but doesnt mind-lah..

i think those who personally know me
my sister,friends,colleagues, whatever-mates i have etc..
those who've actually met me face to face
and then came across this blog of mine
might realize the differences
between the reality farah and the virtual one.

hehe for example
the reality farah is sort of conservative and bashful-like
but the virtual one seems kinda loud and liberal .

then the reality farah sux in english(seriously i'm telling u)
i cannot speak..literally ;D
while the one blogging here thinks her english is acceptable and doesn't give a damn of people's saying( those who told me that my english sux)
so she keeps on blogging her own way

what else..
oh yes, the human form of farah(complete with flesh and blood) doesn't speak much.
in exception of the topics of my liking and also with those who are clique with me
on the contrary <---i feel like writing an essay..WheresTheHouse??
this virtual human form of farah( no flesh and blood.if u see one here, it's a ghost!) speaks(literally) non stop as if the world would never end ..hahaha

so basically, i kinda think i have this split personality.
but lemme tell u, all these online thing (blogging,facebooking,friendstering, not yet.coming soon)
is my form of escapism .
i don't enjoy expressing myself verbally
so i opt for blogging..and realised i like it much more this way!
*so take note future boyfriend, more texting, less phone calls..*
hahaha ;p

and also,
i was always the 'girl-next-door' type since childhood
and now, growing up..(mentally, unfortunately not physically..waaaa =X)
i feel like there's the other side of me, being imprisoned inside there all this while
and just cannot wait to unleash the power(to quote from The Nanny..heheh)

so i let her take control of me each time i switch on the laptop..
and after all, it is good to be bad.


saje random : dear friends, which version do u like?the reality farah or vice versa?

Jun Pyo chibi Yi Jeong chibi

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current music : mirotic(clean version)???- dbsk


earth angel said...

farah, malu saya nak kasi taw benda ni, tp...
please visit
thnx alot bebe for ur support!

earth angel said...

tp 2-2 farah saya suke :)

YULI said...

hey farah, morbid as it may seem. girl you are not alone. if you think that you have split personality, well it's a good compensation of keeping your sanity. :)

faradeeba said...

izi : hahah..baek2..ur welcome.

yuli: oh my..haha..thanks for d info btw.

i believe i'm sane..maybe its just a form of personality disorder.
i think i can handle that, as long as i dont harm people, right?


zool said...

First time singgah sini,..
Tak berapa paham apa dibebelkan

YULI said...

hey! don't think that you have personality disorder lah~ people think weird things when they hink a lot. hehe! keep that sanity in your pocket lah ~ :)

HuRuL_AiNi said...

hahahaha....i think both of us have lots in common....u see, the way i'm outside is quite different with the 'virtual' me....i think due to certain circumstance, we need to hold our self when outside, & blog & twitter is place to let go our 'crazy' side....haha or a place for us let go our feeling that we can't express outside....haha
but then, poor FB i'm still the same me coz most of friends in my networks are people that i know...haha

faradeeba said...

yuli : hahha..i know2..thanks =p

hurul aini : yeah2..we are so similar.

lke i said, it's like a form of escapism for me.

i got to do/speak/express things which i held back in reality..

thnks 4 sharing ur story..


n d s v n t h said...

sometimes i think i'm bipolar.
how freaky is that.


disa said...


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