Wednesday, June 3, 2009

emotion-terminator is as CRUEL as hitler


yup a.k.a heart breaker aka biatch

i hate this kind of people!!

i know this one person. i have full respect for this person and
due to that, i always please this person.

this person could just ask my opinion on anything and
i would please this person. even if i disagree with this person, i will try my best
to express my different views in a very appropriate manner.


but then, that person humiliated me! in public!
sweet niblet!
say what??!!

i can accept it if this person spoke about that matter


definitely not in front of the public!

with all the ears listening..

U crushed my heart.U broke it into zillion pieces.

U ripped it mercilessly.

U terminated me!

U are as cruel, as bad and as suck as HITLER!

i hate U!

saje random : i donno why i include hitler..huh.apologies to his descendants..

♥ maaf ♥

♥ sorry ♥

♥ ana asifa ♥

♥ duìbuqǐ ♥

♥ manniyungal ♥

♥ mianhamnida ♥

♥ maafee kijiye ♥

♥ désolé ♥

♥ perdón ♥

♥ ipagpatawad mo ♥

Jun Pyo chibi Yi Jeong chibi

current mood : pissedoff.gif pissed off!

current music : halo- beyonce

1 comment:

harmila said...

diz is..hahahaha...

emmm...him kah??

sabar la ye andaaaaaaaaaaa...
shabo n

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