Tuesday, June 9, 2009

astro MUSTIKA.yeay!

pic credits to ajamihashim

okay the only reason i made a post bout this atro mustika
is because i've finally succeeded in getting my parents to subscribe this
at home!!

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... =D
(this sense of happiness is sooo... indescribable in words)

basically this ASTRO MUSTIKA package has 3 different channels.
Astro Citra,Astro Warna, and B4U.

soo..if u've known me long enough, u might get this idea that
i am just interested in B4U, the all-hindi channel..

judging from the previews on Mustika Info, it seem so different than the India-based Zee Tv.
the differences is due to the viewers that each channel are catering for.

well Zee Tv is catered for Hindustani viewers(i mean those who are actually staying in India) while B4U is obviously, for Malaysians only.. so Zee Tv has it all, besides bollywood movies, there are tv dramas,recipe and fitness shows and even India's reality shows which unfortunately, not really are of my interest. well, i do watch a few shows from Zee tv, such as Naginn, Nina at Nine, etc..

but B4U seems so different from this India-based channel. it is catered for malaysians so i guess the shows would be more malaysian-friendly, as in more latest bollywood films and music videos.
oooh please, don't disappoint me..i have high expectations for B4U.like seriously..

current mood :hopeful.gif

current music : stand by u-tohoshinki


tiha. said...

cehh..hampeh jer.
u r no the one who persuaded them
It was me!

faradeeba said...

tiha : i didnt say i persuaded them..
i just said successful in getting them to subscribe it.tak kesah la by any means pon..loh..ahaha

faradeeba said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tiha. said...

lol same ajee

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