Friday, June 5, 2009

i'm sorry i love you

i'm sorry i love u? no..

i'm sorry i hate u..

yeah that's better..

hahahha no no..

i'm sorry cos i love u more..

hey what's up with me???

watch this and u'll know why

credits to DBSKnights.

i know. silly me for being soo jealous.
but he kissed the girl what??
hey chill~~it's just an acting.
i know but still,can't help it..

*mind the self-talking*hahaa

pic credits to koreaprecious

hahaha..silly me kan.. i seriously can't wait for the drama to come out. although i personally not a fan of sad dramas, but since jaejoong oppa's the main lead, it's a must-watch.
well.enough previews makes me crave for more!

saje random:. my sweet-holidays is coming to the end next month and a hectic schedule is sure to follow. o god! will i be able to keep up with my upcoming uni life together with my fan girl life..
and well, not to mention my recent love for blogging...


Jun Pyo chibiYi Jeong chibi

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HuRuL_AiNi said...

jea jong oppa....huhu
can't wait this drama....huhu..

faradeeba said...

hurul aini: sedih kan kak??

yes cant wait! but somehow,
but i need to be mentally=prepared first..

ahaks =D

tiha. said...

jaejooong oppa!!

no way!!!!!!!



he kissed her?

no way
nk nanges la

p xsbr nk tgk cite nih
jaejoong's 1st appearance!

love yah

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