Monday, June 8, 2009

someone needs his very own copy of 'Bike-Riding for Dummies

who would need it?
i mean, who on earth doesnt know how to ride one?

but well, if this particular 'Dummies' series does exist
changmin oppa sure does need one..

just look at his awkwardness with the bicycle

as compared to yunho oppa and yoochun oppa

both looked very casual and comfortable posing with bicycle.

but no worries changmin oppa, the importance for someone to master the skill of driving a car is far valuable that bike-riding..and i'm very sure u got that in your pocket. =D

the trio are actually posing for a commercial for the Benetton Green Bike:Limited Edition..
one is worth 350,000 KRW... pheeeww... that much for a bike huh..

pics credit to allkpop and sharingyuchoon

current music: stand by u-tohoshinki

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