Thursday, June 25, 2009

wonder girls spreads the aura in US

wonder girls fans might be aware that they'll be performing alongside jonas brothers
in the US but the thing that we are not aware with is that Mr.Jonas, father of the jonas brothers was the one whom contacted the girls and asked if they would like to join the JB on their tour, immediately after attending the JYP tour in LA out of initial curiosity. Seems like he was so smitten with the girls, right?

then there was this lucky fan,Rosie GaGa whom happened to attend the rehearsals and took pictures with the girls

pic credit to RosieGaga

Wonder Girls fans have recently uncovered a picture of the Wonder Girls with renowned choreographer, Laurie Ann Gibson, shooting their famous love bullets towards the camera! Have no idea who she is? She has been featured on MTV's Making the Band series, choreographed the movie "Honey", and has worked with several famous artists such as Diddy, Jordin Sparks, and Lady Gaga.

pic credit to I.said.hi

Another 'WG Aura' story. Shin Soo Choo, Korean outfielder for the Cleveland Indians, happens to be quite the fan of the girls and as a result, has converted all his teammates to the fandom as well!( same like ciknad who spreaded the fandom to me =D). A fan had sent him their hit song "Nobody" last year and ever since he first played it to his teammates, they were lovin' and so into it. They loved it so much that when the team is having batting practice at Progressive Field, the song is playing. He went on to say, "The song says, 'I want nobody but you. But it sounds like they're saying, 'I want nobody but Choo!' I like it. It gives me an energy boost."

story credits to allkpop

and just so u know, the English version of 'Nobody' will be released this 27th June, the same day they're gonna start touring with JB at their first stop in Portland.

weee cant wait..i want nobody nobody but u..

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n d s v n t h said...

haha.wonder girls best okay!
smpai encik jonas pun suke.

faradeeba said...

ciknad:waaaaa..jgn la joe jonas ske.nanti i jeles..huuu


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