Friday, June 5, 2009

a virtual he-biatch i know

ok firstly, many apologies for those who were offended with my post on 'how to handle lelaki-anjing betina'.many apologies. but i assure u, i've said it on the beginning of that particular post. someone who claimed himself leeminho advised me(or somehow bashed me) for the choice of word i used. specifically, the word 'lelaki-anjing betina'.

so i admit.i was wrong for using a direct translation. that post was catered for malay readers that was why i translated the word 'he-bitch' to 'lelaki-anjing betina'. i thought it was ok. cos it's just a direct translation. but somehow, it was not. ok my apologies.i should have been more sensitive and careful with my words.

u know what,i welcomed criticism. a good one,the ones which are not morally-downgrading.
how can i accept a criticism when the critic used the word 'cb' to address me.
ok i know i'm not good, but i never used cursing words towards people. i don't even know the meaning to that 'cb' , but i sure know that's a mencarut word. i seriously donno.i'm not faking it.

ok i admit.i've used 'wtf',wth, 'damnit' but never i did was calling people 'hey u bitch' 'u whore ' or maybe ' cb punya pompuan'..

well if u read at the comments, yup i called him a biatch.and that's the first time that i actually spit it out at someone's face.(ok as for this case, his virtual face).
this leeminho wannabe made me did it.

and he's also saying that 'jge bahase blogging ko.lebih2 lagi ko pompuan'.(which means mind your words especially that u're a girl)
ok thank u very much for the advise. but does that mean that guys can use all that cursing words as well?? double-standard.sexist.

i'm not saying that girls should be allowed to use cursing words too but isnt it rude for EVERYBODY,each one of us to use those kinda words??

to dear darling leeminho wannabe, i actually have respect on u,for the advise u gave me.
but at the same time, i somehow disagree with the way u're expressing it.

i bet u're a malay man. from johor.chill-lah org johor.
peace no war. marilah kita saling bermaafan.let us say sorry to each other.and don't hate me cos u aint me. =p

farah: i'm sory for calling u a biatch, leeminho wannabe.
leeminho wannabe: ??????????????????????????????????

saje random: i have no choice but to address u as leeminho wannabe.the real leeminho does not speak malay and surely, he himself would not have called me a 'cb'. i believe he has respect for women.

maaf sekali lagi.sorry again.
ohyes, i feel like dedicating a song to u. it's a song from super junior , 'Sorry Sorry'.

download it here

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faradeeba said... i know what 'cb' means.

thnk u very much

earth angel said...

kurang hajar punye laki.kecut r tuh letak pun name samaran.Sukati je nak panggil org bukan2 name x betul.
Patuh nak warning org jaga mulut.sendiri punye mulut sendiri jaga r bai...
ok sorry i emo u member i.i should stand 4 u

faradeeba said...

izi: tak kesah kalo die nak gune name samaran pon, tapi janganla gune leeminho..tercemar name die tuh..
tersedak2 die skang tgah wat fanmeeting kat taiwan..=p

saye pon ok je kalo die nak tegor.saye trime.tapi janganlah sampai panggil saye 'cb'..


that is one thing i cant accept.

takpe. it's always ok to be emo with me.

i'm cool..hahahha

thanks izi.sayang kamu

tiha. said...

kurang ajar seh~
sape mmat tuh?

penyepak kang kena dr aku nih

pe cite ngan die tuh?
pe kes?
mne cmmnt die?

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