Thursday, June 11, 2009

hot megan fox transforms a gay to straight

wooo..shoot me! i just knew that Bi Rain who was popular with 'Full House' tv series
was once a gay! to all his fans, he's now a straight guy no worries..
and what i didn't know also was that last year,he has made a public statement on an episode of MBC Section Tv that he prefers sexy women-particularly Transformers star Megan Fox.

ahhaha..megan fox sure is super hot but i never knew that she has this ability to transform a gay to a straight male..

pic credits to giantrobot

ok now for the current. megan fox is now in South Korea accompanied by her co-star Shia La Beouf and director,Michael Bay to promote the "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen." Just last 2days, the trio attended a red carpet event at Yongsan CGV Theater and all three held a joint press conference yesterday(10th June). that Megan Fox is finally in SK, i wonder will Rain try to make a move on her dream girl there?

Let us just wait and see =D

Check out the photos of the trio on the red carpet

pic credits :JustJared and allkpop

story credits: allkpop

Jun Pyo chibiYi Jeong chibi

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HuRuL_AiNi said...

r u serious he once a gay?OMG....

Taiko said...

whoa.. But Megan Fox is totally hot ma

faradeeba said...

hurul aini : well this was a big surprise 4 me too..
i just knew..

not sure myself..hmmm

taiko : yeah, we all know that.that's why she could
transform such gay to straight..

if really he was one..hohoh ;p

Anonymous said...

Are you on drugs?
Rain has never been gay and nobody stated he was gay.

n d s v n t h said...

no need to ask if she's on drugs.
just watch the show yourself, if anything.

psh, who cares if he's gay.

faradeeba said...

anonymous: i'm sori if i offended u.
i never knew rain was a gay.
i read it somewhre, and i myself was surprised!

i never said he was a gay.i am not sure about that.get it?

so i read this 'rain was gay' thingy here at 'allkpop'.find this site urself and read it there.the author is the one whom should be addressed that question to.

not me.

erm,so can't see the credits la?

ohh so are u on drugs??

ciknad : =)

faradeeba said... anonymous, i feel bad for what i wrote.

sori.bian.mujhe maaf kartihe...

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