Monday, March 30, 2009

an old flame which is about to spark again

or not? oh please not..hopefully

i want to spit this out once and for all(hopefully again)
after his long absence from my life
in which i purposely created it
yesterday out of the blue, i received an sms
from lala and i-know-who
ok the details are not to be mentioned
surely he showed care for me
in which i hated him so much for doing it
but at the same time i started to like it again

OH NO! major problem!
maybe he just wanted to show his concern as only a friend,
or maybe as someone more than just a friend..
i can't differentiate..
i'm seriously hoping for the 1st one as i hope that he's over me already,
but at the same time,i dont want to

my assumption is that he's been in uni for quite some time
so possibly he has met someone else
and bcos he's a nice guy,concerned about my whereabouts, so he just msgd me
simply as a friend.

my 2nd assumption is that he's not over me yet.
omg if this one's true, i've nothing else to say.
he is crazy

whatever it is, i hate those two assumptions.
simply because i might still like him
but at the same time, i do not want to be in a relationship with him


current mood : indescribable.gif indescribable

current music : hot N cold-katy perry


karmila said...

u mukan menci dat tuutt nehh..huhu
u menci ur feelng torwd him ann..hehe

u tatot shuke ngan die n hav relationshp with him.umm..kawan2 je la k..(^_^)

p/s:die henshem!!!!..kakakak..tpi x kayo..=(..(Uhuk)

faradeeba said...

thanks makcikku!
i know i can always rely on u

tapi lpas ni no more ehem2 talking
let gone be by gone
it's over =)

p/s: tak kesah la die ensem ke..
da tlambat.hoho

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