Saturday, March 14, 2009

gee! sorry sorry

wow malam ni seriously malam
bikin song review

and now is the turn for my currently
favourite KPop songs
ok to anyone yang blur with this istilah
it means Korean POP ..
hello earth..credits to ciknad guru


'Gee' is the latest single by snsd
i am not a fan of snsd but gee! i fell for the catchy beat on the very first time i listened to it
highly recommended by me
i really love the 'chicken dance' featured in the MV
(it looks like ayam dancing,for me at offense ya)
comey sangat!
i'm not really sure what does Gee means, but it seems like
o my god!something like that~~~

check out the MV, and u'll instantly fall for Gee.

ok.sorry sorry..
bukan i'm sorry(amir raja lawak3 punya tagline,seriously
i am sorry for him for making himself looked like a fool on stage)

ooppss! the biatch-side of me is coming out..
i'm sori..amir..

ok2 back to sorry sorry.
lagu ni pon sangat high-tempo and kalau dengar pon
ade macam computer nye sore sket..
so i'm guessing they will only lipsync
in live performances nanti
even so, lagu ni memang besh!
sangat lain from the previous suju songs i've listened to
in fact memang sangat lain..(for me)
their image as well, sekali tengok
cam american boy band pon ade
especially heechul..
but i like~~
and siwon is hensem as always,enough said kan..

malas la nak cite lagi.
dengar sendiri la kan..

current mood:bitchy.gif bitchy

current music:lips of an angel-hinder

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