Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Here i am lying on bed
The temperaure of my body was warm
And i know in the midst of this sunny day
I shouldnt be in the arms of comforting blanket with socks on..
But im feeling so cold
Feel sick of the illness
Sick of the people ive met recently
So sick that i cant wait to be out of here
Sick of whats going on my life now
I feel empty.vague.
So much bcos particularly ive hurt this one person i shouldnt have
Us getting back together was a blessing
And now its my doing once again that we've grown apart
More than ever..
Im sorry.i know i dont deserve Us anymore..
Hoping that we could sort it out after this sukma thing
Whether or not we .. :/
Though we've been US for such short period
I feel like uve made a big impact on my life more than anyone ive ever been with (not that there any many..
I dont know whats waiting for us in the future
Whether or not u can forgive me
Thank u for this. .i was never an avid fan of watch..but having this with me everytime makes me feel close to u.evebtho we've grown apart now
 it may be too late now,arent we  :'(

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