Friday, July 19, 2013


Betapa senang mintak maaf dgn Dia,insyaAllah..

Tapi payahnya nak mengharap kemaafan manusia..siape2 je lah..bukan mnyalhkn sesiapa,tapi lumrahnya memang manusia nih tak sempurna.bukan semua pemaaf,bukan semua snang lupakan..
Diri sendiri nih pun sama :/


nways,looking forward for nxt week i guess..lpas g putrajaya send off all the docs ke sis and i nak sgt pegi someplace yg ad beach..we're being melanchoic at the moment hehe 
:'/ tapi yup idup kena trus and sblum im off to my workplace which tak tau la mane nti,i want a break and though i hate the beach haha,its the prfect place for both of us .like i said both of us are kinda melancholic skg nih hehe

plannya nak ke kuantan pantai tc tuh but since clearance dah selesai tru phone,maybe pegi someplace else..

kinda sucks being in this situation..the moment ure laughing having fun and all,tiba2 semacam plak..i mean just now abah b4 tdo asked me to lie down nxt to him smpai ttdo,to keep him company..its normal in our home,abah mmg manja cmtu dgn anak2 die
:-) eh

most of the i'd pass haha tapi td mcm xsmpai hati..and u see,as i lied there waiting for him to sleep..i held his hands and suddnly teary eyes lah plak.ifelt aad.i felt like i donno, all of a sudden a stream of emotions just raced in my mind. tried hiding it,luckily i
managed to.i know abah xsuka.tgk ak cmni

i feel sorry for him for not being a good daughter,not being a good eldest child of his,i feel sorry cos i kbow he likes children so much..i mean i know its gonna take some time for our fmly to have a small kid in the house now.poor abah no children in the house so ended up pampering us bdak2 besa gajah ni hahaha.. i know this is all silly to be thought of but like i said i am a bit melancholic skrang nih 
:'/ hehe 

excuse the ramblings 
slmat bpuase

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