Wednesday, June 2, 2010

When you have COOL friends, what more can you ask for?

Honestly, I hate birthdays.

Firstly, it's obvious that I'm getting older and older each day
and yet 'I'm not a girl not yet a woman'.
So, what's the point of growing up?

ceehh emo plak ;p

Secondly, my birthdays are always on holidays.
It's cool spending birthday with you darling family but
never ever did I have the chance on celebrating it with my Geng Bas Sekolah..

ok I've had surprise parties@makan-makan whatsoever before but NEVER did it happen on the 1st of June itself.

semuanya belated. (_-) tsk

tapi kan, kalau kita ada kawan-kawan comel macam ni yang time cuti2 ni,
tak tidur malam (i guess ;p) buat,posing2 ala model gitu,edit2 gambar comel gini kat kita

Fiza, Shikin, Brit, wakil Nabila (heheh comel), Unnie Ciknad, Mira

and Ezzah juge

and then letak kat Facebook kita sempena birthday kita...

What More Can I Ask For??

Thank You vm korang.
I hope our small friendship means BIG to each one of us.

cayang korang! XmuahX

sori gedik sket ;D

saje random: TQVM gak kat LALA and a few people yang wish.. :D


ckien said...

u're most welcome fara.. :D
my bday always fall on hoilidays too..
during school holidays in march tu.. huhu
but i never hate birthdays. always love it dunno why!! haha

p/s: dpt hadiah ape da? :P

n d s v n t h said...

haha. sorry i'm not your unnie. grrrr. heheks. you're welcome gumuks! tp kan, mintak la from shikin the ori pic. upload kt fesbuk dh jd kecik and of low quality.

miss lolly a.k.a luvfareda said...


happy belated bedday :)

bunny said...

adessss...mcm pelik je pic sy disini..maloooooooo!!!ahaks!

faradeeba said...

ckien: ur welcme dear
emm xde pon..ktrg style celeb je
xdek adiah ape pon..

ndsvnth: ur welcome.unnie..hehehe

miss lollu: tq =D

bunny: xdelah..ok je brit

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