Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Have healthy skin and win a HP Vivienne Tam laptop

A 2-in-1 grab aite?

Purchase any Biotherm product. You'll get youthful looking skin
and then, stand a chance to win the very exclusive mini HP Vivienne Tam laptop(the name itself indicates poise, elegance, aura etc)

don't believe me?


Gossip Girl : Hey nice cluth!
You: Oh pleaseee...this aint any ordinary clutch (ok she speaks american)..see the label here. VIVIENNE TAM. *sniff*sniff*
Gossip Girl : Wow never heard of that designer label b4 .. I bet that's handmade. Specially for u. waaa *envy*envy*
You : bet! *wink* K, toodles.
Gossip Girl: Ok. Toodles.
(Speaking to herself: Sticky mode entry.'Angeline Golie dates business tycoon')

So, wanna get noticed and be blogged about?

Join this competition bebeh! (click click)

As simple as X,Y,Z

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