Monday, January 19, 2009

ku tidak sangke

there are two expected things happened to me lately.

the 1st one would be , me getting an offer from the university of tasmania. ok, the situation was like this..dat nite, 14th jan, 11pm something..when i was with my sis and bro watching the transormers muvee while waiting for my mail to load..the waiting-period took soooo long bcos of the bad internet connection(it rained heavily dat nite) watching i constantly checked to see whether my mail has loaded or not..n mase halfway of the muvee, mase the mail tgh load sket, an email from carmen loo caught my heart was beating rapidly(cam ayt novel plak..hehhe)...n i sempat nampk utas bla3 until my bro dragging me to resume the muvee i paused kjap . tros afterwards my mind was not on the muvie..mate je tgk tapi ati pk laen..what could that be? xkan i am acteli offered a place at utas kot?cam mission impossible jek..but i waited n waited n waited for the muvie to finish and my mailbox to abes loading..
the rest of this story is u can see i really got an offer from utas to major in pharmacy.afte submitting the acceptance documents to idp i'm now waiting for any further details on what to do. but wait..there's a twist in this story...i am not really happy, though..even afte getting a placement at utas..i have mixed feelings..i was happy,sad,bla3..u see, afte finally getting over d other day, i was determined and bersemangat of furthering my studies in msia jek..its not all bad though..rase sedeh gak ni.bkan x grateful..well, ade certain things i just cant express in words..

tapi i took this challenge.not fully ready, but will try to do my best kat sane..may Allah guides me.

ok,the 2nd one is..i dont expect people to be happy for me being able to fly. there were some of my friends who expressed their happiness and excitement for me so naturally that i almost cried of ke-terharu-an..thank u so much evryone. i cant specify those great people but in case they read this..i want them to know that

i REALLY100 APPRECIATE it..hope we'll be friends 4ever . and i am happy too for evry single thing that all of u achieved =)

APe2 AJELA~ tgh gle lagu dost dost na raha dari cte sangam.
old but gold.

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Anonymous said...

congrat... kalo dah rezeki x kemana...

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