Saturday, November 5, 2011

the ugly truth

waiting for the next plane off to kuching
that would be in the next 4 hours (7 pm)
and now it's only 2 ...


to kill time
 i'd commonly watch movies
the usual picks would be of action or fantasy-genres
macam prince of persia ke, gi joe ke, underworld ke, sucker punch ke, inception etc
to name a few

diverting from the usual routine
i am now currently into romantic-comedy or comedy with slight ass-kicking in it
just to lighten up a bit
after that one horrible week (i was utterly a mess!)

one of the movies i enjoyed watching was the ugly truth

memula tengok cite ni ngan brit
sem lepas rasenye
tengok kawan dok gelak tengok
cam best la plak kan

truthfully, i do not favor the romanticism or should i say the excessive-perverseness
which are centered on this movie

but well frankly, such matters managed to put a smile on one frowning-me, at this moment particularly
apart from that, i also love that it highlights on what men are actually thinking of
it made me wonder if all men are actually like what mike chadway (gerard butler) pictures

to quote: ..

mike chadway :never tell about your problems. men don't really listen or care.

abby: some men care..

mike chadway: no, some men pretend to care..


well if thats the truth la kan..haha
then all  sob stories that us girls are telling our men expecting comfort in return..
just masuk telinga kanan keluaq telinga kiri le..


but loving the ending lah..
of course the typical happy ending but
i like that the guy accepts her in her own-self
this one abby (katherine heigl) is a control-freak
so apparently no guys want that
 in order for her to get her dream guy
she seek advise from that gerard butler
so depan laki yang die nak tu she wasnt being herself bla3
si hero ni je la yang tau actual-self die

and despite knowing her flaws whatsoever
he still falls for her
comel je


well cite ni ada tayang kat msia dulu
so ok lah bleh tengok la kan

not the best movie, but watchable
another reason is gerard butler :) :)
me and my classmates (zaman sekolah dulu) dah suke die
since tengok phantom of the opera satu kelas

saje random: nak tengok ra one la..

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