Saturday, November 5, 2011

latest royal wedding craze

people are raving on kim k's quickie marriage


tak minat sangat kardashian sisters ni
but one certain thing i know is that lamar and khloe punya marriage yang
orang cakap2 won't last long bla3 nampaknye turns out well so far
as opposed to kim'punye wedding ni


nways layan ni lagi best

cite basi sebenarnya
tapi suke gak :D

The newlyweds; King and Queen of Bhutan

Jetsun Pema 

cantik kan queen bhutan ni..
she has such impeccable resemblance to the korean actress han chae yong
(yang berlakon boys over flowers tu)

she's my now my latest addition to the list of favorite royalties
alongside the late lady diana, kate middleton, queen rania, pengiran anak sarah (wife of brunei's crown prince)

saje random: sume orang follow royal family kan....kan..

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