Monday, January 10, 2011

esok ada kuiz pukul 10.30 am and yet ...

the hazards of being EMO

1. esok ada kuiz pukul 10.30am ni and yet here i am still trying to susun ayat tulis blog
2.. esok ada kuiz pukul 10.30 am and shoot i don't bother to complete my reading
3. esok ada kuiz pukul 10.30am kat exam hall mane tah and yet i cannot stand the urge of getting the hell out of here asap
4. esok ada kuiz pukul 10.30am which carries 5marks and i feel so burdened reading the topics though ive had the whole weekend to finish reading
5. esok ada kuiz pukul 10.30am and as opposed to the the 1st 2 quizzes..rase semangat je buat syukur tapi yang ni rasa macam nak gigit-gigit je kertas tu padahal belum buat pun lagi
6. esok ada kuiz pukul 10.30 am paper physical pharmacy 3credit hour , as opposed to the 1st 2 quizzes (2credit hour) and yet i still don't feel bothered.gila
7.esok ada kuiz pukul 10.30am and i still can't stop listening to 'my happy ending avril lavigne'..dari tadi dok repeat2..gila i memang gila

kesimpulannya, weekend ni paling tak produktif langsung.amat sangat. i didn't study. i did, but it was just like a blind date (both me and the notes are staring at each other blankly, takde interaction langsung) what i did was lying on bed, listening to stupid emo songs, selubung dalam blanket and at the moment tear duct ni cukup stimulation dia, keluarlah air mata kekalahan saya.

oh tuhan maybe i haven't prayed hard enough for You to ease the tense i'm having atm. i believe You have good reasons for this.just please give me the strength to move on.


current music:avril lavignes' my happy ending
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