Sunday, January 10, 2010

updates of moi

1. i'm totally addicted with driving right now! (tu la kale kete kancil ku)

2. i'm soo in a complicated state of mind (shikin and lala are probably aware of this ;p)

3. i've spent lotttsss of money this sem.external hard disc, new PINK earfon,shiseido, face shop, kasot..but 1 thing i was hepi on spending was the buku syariat wuteve bought with ciknad,shikin,brit...hope it helps my fardhu ain. still, it's only the early sem maaa..i donno it the money could last till d end of sem.klo x, minta pa&ma le..hehe luv u both

4. i'm soooo liking my 10 am recess time, lately

5. i miss home badly.especially that my sis is coming home end of this month.and i donno if i can be there..darn uia sgt kedekut cuti! isk

6. tgah gila lagu zoobi doobi (cite 3 idiots).kareena n aamir look cute together

7. really like my new pink mp3's earfon. way better than the old one yg tcabot
cos farah xtahan sgt nk gi toilet..hahaha.silly me

8. is happy that alpha lipid kinda works on combating my allergy on animal protein..leh la makan longer the unhappy-vegetarian i was..hukhuk

9. as a consequence of no 8, muke i yang cengkung sket dulu(bak kate fiza la) da tembam da skg..hepi ke gini?

10. exam's coming up.cuaks gile..

last but definitely not the least, i'm hoping that somehow a miracle would come by. miracles in lots of thing.



Redz da Tsar said...

Semoga berjaya dengan exam dan syariat tue...

Semoga kembali ke minda yang normal

dan selamat segalanya... hehe...


si gadis said...


i thnk i taw(^_^)

tiha. said...

u can astually drive \NOW?
are u serious!!!?
no kidding me
and u have a car?a kancil car?
is this for real
you,I use faceshop?really?haha
it's pretty good huh
mahal ke kat mlaysia?if mahal,u can always ask me to buy it here for you. I can get lower price here if u want to

faradeeba said...

Redz: thanks redz
minda normal da slmat kmbli da..haha

lala : i'm so done with that thing..
fuuuh lege

tiha : replied this on fb.heheh

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