Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How fast time flies

I dont remember what age i was in this picture
What i remember was that its taken during our 1st stay in kuching
Ingat lagi rumah teres corner lot kat taman tri nora..
Jap was that in kuching.... Emm tah rasenye ye haha tak engat plak :p
Point is now da 24 dah.not officially..bulan 6 nanti,tapi tu lah..dah 24..
Cepatnye mase blalu :)
I do miss my childhood days at times
Ngantuknya..still baca nota sterilization ni..tapi dah 2 am..i dont think can last any longer...
Happy new year


Anonymous said...

comey nye fara masa kecik haha

faradeeba said...

hehe time kasih :D

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