Monday, February 7, 2011

of my silence

it isn't about me.
well it is about me actually.

well i've been thinking to update, do a bit renovation on my blog
last week during the CNY holiday
but seemed like God has other plans 4me

abah got sick.
i mean, i know he's had his heart condition whatsoever
but now it seems to be getting on him frequently
god im worried.
especially after what mama told us
if anything happen i donno. i swear to god i wont know what to do
everything just freaks me out =(

and now being here i feel like a zombie
i dont feel like doing anything
got pmacognosy report kne submit jumaat
rabu got qz
khamis got presentation(1 konpem, 1 lagi tak tau) and sumbit EAP literature review
ngan risau, omsik tak tentu hala ni tak tau la camne nak undergo this whole week

ok nak sedapkan ati ni. boleh.mesti boleh. just do ur best and leave the rest to Him.
always have good faith in Him.

nak stadi physical pharm ni tapi rase cam nak selubung je..
mane best?

current music: only the sober in my heart
(ni bukan lagu jangan gatal google)

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